Behold My Africa

By Emone Emmanuel
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Africa land of greatness
A land flowing with milk and honey
A land of great mountains,beautiful rivers and streams

A people of great birth,great struggles and great history

A friend of the sun,moon and stars
Mother of white,yellow and red races
The foundation of world civilization
Education beginnings with you
And writing your gift to the world
Africa home of proud warriors
Home of beautiful mothers
Mothers of glorious sons and daughters
Mother of Nelson Mandela,Chinua Achebe,Chimamanda Adiche and Toyosi Akerele

Africa my Africa
My love for you
And your love for me
Will have no end

About The Poet

Emone Emmanuel is a poet,storyteller,essayist,public speaker and youth advocate.

He has published his poems in Poem Hunters, About, Writers Cafe and other sites.

He is the president of Peakstars Foundation,a member of British council Global change makers and Academy of American poets....