Yet Jonah Jang is still sitting there as a lame duck governor.

By Kenneth Uwadi
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Yet Jonah Jang is still sitting there as a lame duck governor.

Acting President Goodluck Jonathan announced the sack of retired General Abdullahi Sarki Muktar from the position of National Security Adviser, NSA and replaced him with veteran security chief and retired senior General, Aliyu Mohammed Gusau. The new NSA is no stranger to the position having held it for most of the 8 years of the Obasanjo Presidency. Before that he has been in military intelligence and was briefly Army Chief. Sacking the National Security Adviser is a right step taken by Dr. Goodluck. But will this Gusau do better than Muktar? This is a story for another day.The NSA plays a significant role in ensuring the peace and stability of our beloved country.

Sacking Muktar over the Jos killings is one step.The second step is declaration of a state of emergency in Plateau state..The state governor is grossly incapable, inefficient and cannot handle the situation. What a mess. Look at the way these rascals were killing their fellow humans. Fellow Africans can not and should not be killing each other like this.These are despicable acts of cruelty meted on fellow humans.

Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang recovered from the hangover of the Dogo Nahawa massacre to speak on his failed bid to prevent the bloodshed. He said he got in touch with security agents who, according to him, failed to act on the reports they got. To him, since the governors don't have control over the army and the police, the states are always at the mercy of the Chief of Army Staff and the Inspector General of Police.This, he said, explains his anger with the security chiefs whom he accused of having enough report through the General Officer Commanding 3 Armoured Division and the state police commissioner.The governor noted that the loss of lives would have been prevented, if the security chiefs had acted promptly. If it is true that there was information that the attack in Jos was going to happen and the military people there did nothing, one can only conclude that the military high command joined hand with those that carried out this dastardly act that has made the Rwanda genocide of 1994 a child's play. The Commander of the 3rd Armoured Division, Jos and the Chief of Army Staff deserve to be moved to Hague and be tried for genocide.

To me this Jonah Jang is a very weak leader at least judging from his actions. His statements shows he can not control the security affairs of Plateau? .You never hear again say seven persons were feared dead on the 9 th of march 2010 in a fresh killings in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State? We heard again that four people were reportedly killed in Kuru and three in Tundun Wada of Plateau state.The killings followed reports of the arrival of four truck loads of Hausa/Fulani from Maiduguri, Borno State. Yet Jonah Jang is still sitting there as a lame duck governor.

This is a serious matter. It is hard to imagine that a country would allow something like this to go on for so long without any solution. The governor of Plateau should be held accountable for allowing things to deteriorate to this level. Those perpetrating these attacks are viewed as just members of a rampaging gang and at the end of the day prepare for another attack in April for it seems it is now a monthly affair. No one knows who the real killers are. One would have thought that by now the Police and state government should have installed CCTV cameras at strategic locations in Plateau and other troubled spots around the country. The police chief of Plateau and their deputy remain on the job. No one wants to fire them. No problem, as long as they failed to act from earlier information and only acted after a messenger arrived to inform them of the killings that were going on. For God's sake we are talking about the death of over 300 Nigerians here.

I will continue to say it, these crises have clearly shown that Jonah Jang is too incompetent to lead Plateau. The Presidency should suspend Jonah Jang and impose a state of emergency in Plateau state to protect lives and property until this issue is finally resolved. It will be sadistic and irresponsible of the National assembly to refuse to support declaration of state of emergency in Plateau State with so much loss of lives and suffering because of party interests. The Federal government should take tougher steps to prevent further occurrence. The mere presence of security cannot guarantee peace; it can only come from a heart that has peace and from a peace enforcer that is loyal and committed to his duty.

We need peace in Plateau State and to have peace, there must be tougher preventive actions. Dialogue is good but it won't work when people can kill and go unchecked and unpunished by law. First they came for the Igbos, and I did not speak out—because i was not Igbo.Then they came for the Niger Deltans, and i did not speak out—because i was not a Niger-Deltan. Then they came for the Middle Beltans, and i did not speak out—because I was not a Middle Beltan. When they will come for me—there maybe no one left to speak out for me.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Editor, Famous People ([email protected])