BUREAUCRACY VS DEVELOPMENT: How Presidential Aide Denied Me Access to State House.

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In 2006 After completing my studies in the Republic of South Africa, I came to Uganda to visit my relatives, and also to make some research about other development activities that can be carried out in Uganda.

Like many Ugandans in the Diaspora, I came with the idea of promoting home made quality products and services, and a foundation called Blessedly Ugandan, was introduced to the people of Uganda.

All the registration procedures were conducted, and finally a new brand name “Blessedly Uganda (BU) was initiated and its logo patented.

Next was to meet potential stake holders such as Uganda manufacturers Association's late James Mulwana, Private sector foundation, Uganda National Bureau of standards, the trade and Industry ministry, Maggie Kigozi the former head of Uganda Investment Authority, as well as the media.

I met the late, Alhaji Asadu Lutale who took me to one Senior presidential advisor on Trade/commerce and Industry Matters Alhaji M.Tezikuba Sajjabi, who also promised to lead us to State House to meet president Museveni.

Because of the bureaucratic hiccup, However, I learned that it was never going to happen/Materialized.

The media performed their role as so did Trade and industry state minister Gaggawala Wambuzi. Mr. Wambuzi was delighted by the idea and his ministry gave us a recommendation letter, but the initiative required a State House voice for universal acceptability.

As we would later establish, Haji Tezikuba had 'issues' to settle with Asadu Lutale.

It is urged that the former, wanted Lutale to recommend him some where, the thing Lutale failed to do.

Other sources have it that, Both Tezikuba and Lutale belonged to different Muslim groups, one belonged to Sheikh Mulumba and the other to Sheikh Kamulegeya, Hence it was 'tit for tat' by Tezikuba to Haji Asadu.

Unfortunately it was a vendetta at the expense of National development.

I kept frequenting Tezikuba's office until I was frustrated. It was then that I obtained a scholarship in Khartoum, Sudan and the whole campaign ceased.

I had no money to pay for the website, so it was put down by the service provider who was based in South Africa by then.

Being the only man behind the pushing forward of this great idea, many of our members who had joined earlier, decided to leave the 'non starter' idea at least at that time.

While in Khartoum a similar idea of Blessedly Uganda, was announced in media, this time called 'Proudly Ugandan'. But I was convinced that in a free market economy, the doors for entry and exit are open.

So I consoled my self, that one day I will give it a try, and seek a presidential voice asking fellow Ugandan to support this campaign too.

President Museveni is known for being critical of matters concerning bureaucracy, as it hinders national development.

The elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy is a key concept in modern managerial theory and has been a central issue in numerous political campaigns.

However, others have defended the existence of bureaucracies.

The German sociologist Max Weber argued that bureaucracy constitutes the most efficient and rational way in which human activity can be organized, and that systematic processes and organized hierarchies were necessary to maintain order, maximize efficiency and eliminate favoritism.

But even Weber saw bureaucracy as a threat to individual freedom, in which the increasing bureaucratization of human life traps individuals in an "iron cage" of rule-based, rational control.

The writer is the founder of Blessedly Ugandan 'BU' that promotes home made quality products and services.

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