Nsukka residents seek FG priorities on security, power, agriculture

By The Citizen
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A cross section of residents of Nsukka, Enugu State, on Monday urged the Federal Government to continue to prioritise security, power and agriculture in 2014.

They said that such a step would help in fast tracking the economic development of the nation.

Mr Harrison Urama, a public servant said that sustaining priority attention would enable the Federal Government to consolidate on the achievements already made on these sectors.

'If government consolidates on achievements already made in these vital sectors, it will help to fast track the country's economy as well as provide adequate security to lives and property.

'New industries will spring up with steady power supply and our youths will also be able to set up small scale business for themselves.

'With adequate security, more foreign investors will find it attractive to invest in the country,' he said.

Mrs Philomena Ukaegbu, a farmer, said with more attention on agriculture the country would comfortably feed its citizens even have enough to export to other nations.

'Before the advent of oil, agriculture was a major foreign exchange earner for the country.

'Some of the first generation universities in the country, for instance University of Nigeria Nsukka were built with proceeds from agriculture produce.

'With adequate investment in agriculture, many jobless less youths roaming the street will be engaged, 'she said.

Mr Desmond Eze, a secondary school teacher, urged government to ensure that insecurity in different parts of the country, particularly the Boko Haram insurgency was brought to an end in 2014.

'The insurgency in some parts of north caused by Boko Haram has robbed many families their beloved ones and rendered many people homeless.

'If the problem of Boko Haram is not solved, conducting election in the affected states during 2015 general election would be risky and difficult.

'In as much as President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has done much to end the insurgency, it should not relent until normalcy is restored in affected states,' he said.