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Each day in the life of a genuine activist worth hundreds of years of non activist, living life to improve the lives of others with sincerity and honesty, is the hallmark of activism, (my words in my opinion). Madiba is one; we have Gani Fawhinmi SAN and many others life builders that you may remember. In relation to the quote credited to myself, a living legend is a man who is adding a year on the 28thDecember, 2013; I mean the National President of Committee for Democracy and Rights of People (CDRP), Chief Amitolu Shittu Senior Advocate of the Masses (SAM) adds a year.

He chooses the part of legendary and comrades where he thinks for people and his country while no one think for him and his life but himself, never will he choose adventure, surplus, wealth at the expense of the masses and the good of humanity. He is not born to detest good life and affluent, after all they make life easier but he is like a savior to humanity and will not watch us suffering and will not grow in rich at our expense.

CHIEF AMITOLU SHITTU (SAM), as you add a year today, may you witness many decades in life, in good health and in abundance of wealth.

History has shown that you are one, one of the dogged and consistence activists and social critics of our time. You have remained straight and have never been eroded by the abrasive power of political wind.

Even when you were not a factor to my growth, you have a classical status from my perspective, I preserved it and history will do same. And as a factor to my growth, I will always make you proud.