By Moshood Fayemiwo

This is not a scam! Many African professionals immigrate to Canada every year. May be you aren'aren't aware, because you don't have the latest news and information. Canada is twice larger than the United States in size-about 3,855,103 sq. miles compared with the United States which is 3,794,083 sq. miles. That means Canada is 1.6 % larger than the US in land mass, but unfortunately there are only 33,158,300 people in Canada (2013 population figure-that is not up to the number of human beings living in California State alone). This is why Canada is the largest receiver of immigrants of any country in North America and probably in the world. Last year alone, about 404, 000 professional and skilled workers, including refugees moved to the largest nation in North America to resettle permanently. Between now and May 31, 2014, the Canadian Government through the Immigration Services will grant permanent residency to 5,000 skilled workers from the following African countries namely: Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. As a permanent resident in Canada, you have what we call Green Card in the USA, which entitles you to relocate with your family who are under the age of 18. The beautiful thing about this program is that there are four areas of assessment and points are awarded so you know whether you are qualified or not before entering into the program in the first place. Nothing is done under the table, so to say.

These are the requirements: if you are between 18 and 35 years old? If you are above 35 years, you are still qualified, but we cannot guarantee your qualification so let's just put it at 35 years of age as a cap. Are you a college/university graduate and have at least one year professional experience in one of the professional occupations listed below?

1. Geoscientists and oceanographers.
2. Chemical Engineers.
3. Mining Engineers.
4. Petroleum Engineers.
5. Geological Engineers.
6. Aerospace Engineers.
7. Land Surveyors.
8. Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics.

9. Audiologists and Speech Language Therapists.
10. Occupational Therapists.
11. Medical Laboratory Technologists.
12. Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathologist's Assistants.

13. Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists.

14. Medical Radiation Technologists.
15. Medical Sonographers.
16. Cardiology technologists and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists.

17. Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety.

If you belong to any of the above occupations, here are the steps you should take to begin the process of immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident immediately: first; gather all your credentials and get them evaluated in North America ( we will do this for you); Second, take the English Language proficiency test at a designated test center in your country, Third; get your employer(s) paper works to validate your one year experience (more years will be an added advantage); Fourth, apply for the program through us-we have all the necessary forms and will walk you through the process all the way-and then wait for the result. The applications close on Saturday May 31, 2014. The results will be released latest July 30, 2014 and the way it works is that you will receive a letter directly from the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Headquarters in Toronto, Canada. You will take this letter to the Canadian Embassy in your country to process your documents and you begin preparations for traveling to Canada with your family. You can leave for Canada first and later your family: wife/husband and children under 18 years can join you in Canada. This program is tailored after the US Visa Lottery except, it is not by lottery or luck and it involves certain professionals that are in great need in Canada to contribute to the Canadian economy.

Do not contemplate entering into this immigration program if one of the followings applies to you:

1. If you have a criminal record in your home country. Criminal record here refers to any crime which is classified as a felony. A police report will be asked at the Canadian Embassy.

2. Do not apply for this program, if you have been convicted of a crime by a competent court and have served a prison sentence in your home country. You will be subjected to a Biometric Assessment at the Canadian Embassy.

3. If you have been admitted into Canada in the past and deported for any reason, you will be rejected and your application will not be processed. Forget it!

4. If you have been admitted into the US in the past and deported from the US for whatever reason, your application will be rejected and will not be processed. You have blown it and so forget about ever coming to North America.

5. If you have been involved in any form of scams; Visa fraud, 419 (for applicants from Nigeria), drugs and other international crimes, don't waste your time.

6. If you are a security risk; meaning you are involved in religious persecution such as known links to terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and such other terrorist activities. (We will explain to you if you are one when you call us).

7. If you have been involved in human rights violations and acts of genocide (Again, we will explain to you if you are one when you call us).

8. If you have serious health problems. Health problems here include failing drug tests. You and your family members accompanying you to Canada will be administered drugs test at the Canadian Embassy before your Visas are issued and if you failed the drug test, your Visa will be revoked, and any of your accompanying members that failed drug test will be disqualified.

If you think you are qualified, get in touch with us now. We will be accepting requests for consultations and processing of applications between now and May 1, 2014. What we do at our Chicago office here is to assess your scores first and foremost before you proceed. You must attain a minimum of 75 score or more to qualify as designed by the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration. If you are not qualified or won't be able to make the cut-off scores, we will tell you straight-away so you won't waste your time and resources on this program.

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