N620 Million Routine Thefts: Governor Akpabio’s Brothers Distribute SUVs To PDP Stalwarts

By Effiong Ubong, Uyo

The brothers of Governor Akpabio, led by Prince Akpabio, yesterday distributed 31 SUVs to some PDP stalwarts including some cult members in Akwa Ibom State from the N620 million they routinely milk from the Local Government Council. A PDP chieftain in the state who craved anonymity divulged to this reporter.

“I witnessed it the distribution. It's fleet of brand new SUVs, 31 in number

distributed today to PDP stalwarts and some questionable 'loyalists 'in the state. The fleet scheme is master-minded by one of the clan members, Prince Akpabio at a cost of N20 million per vehicle, totaling N620 million. The money is allegedly removed from local governments' purse and each LG is taxed N20m for the illegal project.” The source said,

He stated that the 31 SUVs were parked for weeks in front of the residence of the Speaker of Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Hon Samuel Ikon and that of the Commissioner of Justice, Barrister Ekpenyong Ntekim, before finally distributed by Prince Akpabio himself to some selected PDP members who were believed to have 'served' their masters well.

“For weeks, the fleet was seen parked at a lot across from the residences of Speaker of the Assembly and that of Commissioner of Justice.” The chieftain said through a text message

He lamented that that the Akpabio brothers have continually drained the local government even when their brother persistently deduct huge sum of money at source from the local government allocation, these men continue to force the Local Government Chairmen to give them money with threat of removing them should they fail to meet their routine demands. A development he said has compelled the local government heads to frequently borrow money from the bank for the payment of salaries and other entitlements.

“Despite huge sums of money allocated to the state, huge sums of money like this disappear daily while the poor in the state go to bed with empty stomach. The LG chairs are afraid of being hounded and cannot openly challenge the clan lest they are removed from office. If you wonder why your local governments are not making good use of allocated funds but are turning to banks in droves for loan to cover salaries, It is because the clan is milking the LG purse dry.” The PDP chief maintained.