Ogbemudia: Nana Museum Will Transform Koko Town Into Tourists Haven

Source: thewillnigeria.com
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, December 23, (THEWILL) - The ancient town of Koko in Delta State is about to transform into a tourists haven with the presence of the Nanna Living History Museum. Former governor of the defunct Midwestern region, Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, made the observation when he visited the  museum, saying the tremendous development in the town would attract tourists from across the globe and boost the revenue of the state. The Nanna Museum and Iwere College, it will be recalled,  were founded by his administration when he was the Governor of old Bendel State. Commending the Itsekiris for  the development of the town, Ogbemudia, who was a guest of the Midwest Consultative Forum, comprising of  Itsekiri Leaders of Thought and other ethnic groups of Ijaw, Urhobo and Isoko ,  hailed the development of the town, which, according to him,  produced the likes of Nanna Olomu and other prominent Itsekiris indigenes. The late Nanna Olomu was the Governor of Benin River in 1884 who signed a treaty on behalf of Itsekiris granting the British colonialists rights in Itsekiriland but parted ways during the scramble for Africa. Ogbemudia also commended the Itsekiri people for their resilience and giant strides in spite of their tiny population, saying   the people have shown that quality is more important than quantity. 'Many years ago, Koko was a very small town but I am much impressed by the road network on ground now. I plead with Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to bring more development to this area. I plead with the Governor to do more development in this historic town. I am very pleased with the excellent way the town is planned. 'The people of Koko are very grateful to him. They have expressed that they appreciate his effort he should not mind , maybe one or two people saying things he may not like, ti does not represent  the minds of all but that notwithstanding, he should do more ,'' Ogbemudia stated. He also commended the leader of Itsekiri Leaders of Thought, Pa. JOS. Ayomike,  for his efforts in bringing into fruition, the establishment of Nana Museum for the preservation of the historical role late Nana Olomu played in the fight against the colonialists then. 'This museum is not just a recollection and celebration of past events but also invitation to future feats. The Itsekiri nation has demonstrated the capacity to maintain both in healthy proportion. The blessed nation of Itsekiri had heroes in the past and it shall not be short of even stronger heroes in the future,' he added. Recalling the exploits of the late Nana Olomu in the fight against imperialism despite his massive wealth,   Pa  Ayomike    said Nana Olomu used his wealth to prevent the colonialists from invading  Iwereland through the now famous Koko town. He said Ogbemudia's visit was not political but meant to appreciate the exploits of an individual who was then richer than the government then. 'Today we are proud to be the offspring of Nanna.  We are proud to say that the footprint of Nanna will continue to be stamped in our minds,' he said.