The Sinking Ship

By Tonie Osegbo
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The Nigerian system of political opposition and fight in politics have made it clear to understand that we Nigerians or African in general are seeing political oppositions as enemies and our political differences as hatred, and we can do any harm or form of destabilization for the struggle for political power.

With the emergency of defected PDP governors and their Federal lawmakers to the opposition APC in order to destabilize the peaceful co-existence among the people of Nigeria and to demoralize the incumbent President of contesting for 2015 presidential election.

Let us know that no matter what the old and non-repentant, evil-motivated politicians are trying to propel against Mr. President will fail, because after all they will do, Goodluck Jonathan will still emerge as the President in 2015 if He is ready to contest.

This Groups of corruption master-minders are in this struggle against Goodluck Jonathan for their self enrichment and the irrelevances in which the Goodluck Jonathan administration has made them to be. They galvanized support for Jonathan and they expected the full control of power, so that they can intimidate whoever they want like they used to, divert the public like they always do and liquidate the economy but Jonathan didn't allow them.

They started the separation and segregation from the President party by forming the nPDP, they sponsored and supported the ASUU members just to bring Jonathan down even when most of the ASUU needs are met, Later they started shouting Jonathan 'said' he will only go for one tenure, they finally separated and joined the opposition party, and sooner they wrote a publicized letter to Mr. President and in the cause, some of the lawmakers defected to the opposition party, making the lower legislative house to have members than the Presidents party all in the cause to make Goodluck Jonathan to have the fear of contesting in the 2015 general elections, now they have also pushed the Medical doctors in to going for a halt, making everything in Nigeria to have a different mindset for Jonathan's administration.

They all should bear in mind that ''you have to remove the dirt in your eye, before trying to remove people own dirt in their eyes''. All of them fighting Jonathan are corrupt and no one exceptional is the

best among equal. They should stop distracting the Gentleman and allow him to focus in the development of this large country.

They should stop this their way of blackmailing and propaganda against Jonathan and see another way of canvassing and campaigning for their party but not to change the Nigerians mindset about their President when most of them are major volunteers of such practice. Good Luck Jonathan is trying, his loopholes might be from his cabinets and he might know, with the little he will right the wrong.

The APC leaders are not meaning well for Nigerians with this their way of propaganda, they are destabilizing our nation all in the name for power. We should try and understand that they are ''kettle calling pot black''.

Even with all their plea for support in all the angles of Nigerian politics, they will not deter the Goodluck that will breed in 2015 and with time all their ship will sink.

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