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(Open Letter of Complaint to Hon. Bago Mohammed Umar) We write as concerned and loyal residents of Tayi village, Minna. We decided to make this complaint open to the public domain because what we are about to nitpick is already fast becoming a public knowledge. We hope the gentleman honorable will take this as an advise from the law abiding citizens of his constituency that are trying to protect his good image by not allowing some greedy self-centered contractors to drag his name into the dirty muds of deceit. It is a common knowledge that Minna and its environs do not have good pipe-born water and the Niger State government is virtually doing nothing to improve the situation. Therefore, when Hon. Bago Mohammed Umar (member, Chanchaga Federal constituency) decided to use part of his constituency allowance/projects to drill hand-pomp boreholes at Tayi village, it instantly became a welcomed development. Even though, manual boreholes are no longer in fashion and are fast being replaced with electric-pomp boreholes with large capacity overhead tanks to go with. The loyal residents of this locality still welcomed the idea so far it will be done properly and eventually put some water in our dried throats. It was in record that the people of Tayi village voted massively for the gentleman honorable to bring him into power. Since then, we have waited patiently for our own share of the dividends of democracy. Hon. Bago Mohammed Umar, it is dishearten to inform you that the hand-pomp boreholes you drilled at Tayi village Minna do not produce even a bucket of water! This is never an exaggeration but the bitter truth, as we personally supervised the drilling process of the one close to the Tayi Jumaat Mosque and also the one close to the Mai-Anguwas' house. After some minutes of dusty sand drilling without reaching the water table, the workers suddenly stopped the work. When we demanded for an explanation as to; why the work will stop when they are yet to reach the water table? They just carelessly answered by saying, they are only paid to drill 40meters depth and they have done their job. Whether they reach the water table or not, is none of their business. For many of us that watched the drilling process and also listen to the workers unsympathetic answers, it was completely heartbroken. This is what the Hausa people called 'mun ga samu, mun ga rashi'. To say the list, it was an exercise in futility. Let me quickly correct this erroneous impression that many people have. They said boreholes in Tayi village do not generally produce water. This is a malicious impression created to deny the good people of Tayi their right to water. First of all, some wealthy individuals in the village have electric-pomp boreholes in their houses and they produces water throughout the year, how much more of a governmental organ. Secondly, the boreholes constructed by governmental organs do not go down to the appropriate depth that will produce water, because they are always looking for ways to cut-corners. The government and their contractors should be sincere with themselves in handling peoples' oriented projects. This left many questions unanswered. Normally before drilling takes place, there supposed to be a geological survey to determine the appropriate position where the water level is high. Is it that the people responsible for this job did not carry out such a survey or what? Is it that the contractor had been paid to drill a workable borehole, but ended by drill only 40 meters to cut-corners and maximize gains? Is it that the honorable is intentionally designing these decoys for a later day television documentary to push his campaigns? No, we don't want to believe that. Just as we also don't want to believe that the honorable gentleman will risk showing his face in that area in the name of commissioning these dried boreholes. As concerned residents of this area and also supporters of his representation, we strongly advice Hon. Bago Mohammed Umar to do the needful and upgrade these boreholes to a perfectly working condition before showing his handsome face to commission them. We cannot deny the fact that the honorable had made some efforts to contribute to his constituency, but the people of Tayi are yet to see the benefit. We have severally complaint about the air pollution generated by the present of abattoir in the mixed of our houses. We also complaint about the epileptic electricity supply due to lack of a standard transformer and even when the honorable donated one to a section of the village almost four months ago now is yet to be installed. It was estimated that over a million naira is needed as contributions from the poor villagers before the transformer will be installed. We seriously wonder why this honorable gentleman is fun of investing in incomplete projects. But we strongly believe in your goodwill and advice to check careful on the type of contractors and friends you are working with. By investing in such smokescreen projects, they are only making more enemies for you than friends. As we anxiously wait for the 2015 general election to come. The concerned and loyal residents of Tayi village and environs have collectively made their decision. We are going to the polls to vote in block for any candidate that will solve our perennial water problem irrespective of his/her party affiliation. Hon. Bago Mohammed Umar, the bouncing ball is now in your court, as you write history for yourself. God Bless Tayi Village, God Bless Niger State. S.A. Muhammad and A. Tajuddeen For The Concerned Residents of Tayi Village, Minna.
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