Proactive Security for Women and Children in Developing Nations

Statement from Executive Director
By Abraham’s Children Foundation

The Month of November provided the Foundation's Democratic Governance Education Service unit the opportunity to write to President of Federal Republic of Nigeria through his Special Adviser on Media affairs (Dr. Reuben Abati) on poor services of Independent National Electoral Commission (since 1999) with respect to untimely delivery of electoral materials to polling units in Nigeria. This general educational service to all communities in selected developing nations like Nigeria will continue even before Abraham's Children Foundation open office in other nations of the world. By next month the foundation will provide the international community with the necessary information to help stop human rights violence with respect of freedom of religion and worship in some selected developing nations like Angola.

We are pleased to inform the international community of the delivery of humanitarian relief materials for the people of Nigeria donated by Vitamin Angels for distribution in South East Nigeria by Abraham's Children Foundation. The relief materials consist of Mult-vitamins for Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers and Vitamin A for children. We are even grateful for this donation and look forward to partner with all Diplomatic Missions, International Agencies and Corporation in touching lives of vulnerable persons in communities were we currently serve. We are currently building a nation-wide network of our services in all states of Nigeria, beginning with placement of vacancy for the position of State Directors in 34 states of Nigeria.

Victor Dorawa Koreyo
Executive Director

The Peace and Security of Children and Women in developing nations is now threatened by politicians' inability to agree on a civilized electoral process for a free and fair election. In Nigeria for example women and children are unnecessary detailed in polling units in election days due to untimely delays in the delivery of electoral materials to polling units. This sometimes forces them to disenfranchise themselves by abandoning their civil duty to take care of their children at home. Mothers and their little children are unknowingly harassed by corrupt security officials and tier-gas if violence erupts on election days. It is Abraham's Children Foundation opinion that the international community should come to help developing nations like Nigeria and Kenya to see that civilized electoral process acceptable to all politicians is put in place for the good of all Women and children in these nations. The internal insecurity of Nigeria that greatly affects women and children is the threat of uncivilized electoral process. This result in what the International Criminal Court (ICC) described as a civil war between politicians backed Boko Haram and the Federal Government of Nigeria. As President Goodluck Jonathan warns during his 1st October speech to citizens of Nigeria on Nigeria becoming another Syria or Somalia for the international community; women and children will suffer more during a conflict created by inconclusive or un-transparent election process. The International community should take a cost effective proactive decision now to save women and children in Nigeria and other developing nation from a fail democratic electoral process that may lead to a full scale civil war in 2015. The Rwanda ethno-political genocide may be repeated in some multi-ethnic state or regions of Nigeria where women and children will never be Immune from terror of war and political violence..

Feedback from our readers will be highly welcomed. It will enable us provide the best of all services in human communities around the world.

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