Hon Victor Afam Ogene is the present member and the Deputy Chairman on Public affairs Committee of the Federal House of Representatives representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency of Anambra State. He is also the publisher of the popular community newspaper called “Ogbaru Voice”. He is from Anambra State and born from a humble family with intellectual integrity. As a young professional journalist cum politician, he believes that elective position belongs to God not man. In 2011, he contested for the position of the Federal House of Representatives where he was practicing his pen- push profession with the source magazine as the editor. He dedicated his precious time in practicing the journalism profession without qualms. He was committed to work as a frontline writer with distinct. He never believed that one day he would be called upon to represent his people. Though, he used his pen- push profession to fight against political corruption and injustice which gave him an edge over his political opponents during the 2011 general elections in Anambra State, even though they were thrice wealthy than him in all ramifications but never felt intimidated.

As a present serving member of the Federal House of Representatives, he has able to put smiles on his people that voted him into power within two and half years without altercation. He is a political leader that listens to the voice of his people. Anambra north people believe that Hon. Victor Afam Ogene is a God- sent son to deliver the dividends of democracy to them. Anambra State belongs to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) which Hon. Victor Ogene is a staunch card carrier of the party. He is a political leader of thought in the National Assembly. He has never let his people down with the allocated constituency funds at his disposal and others. As a core journalist who graduated from the Times Journalism Institute and worked briefly with the Vanguard newspaper and Co- founded the Lagos community based newspaper called “The Commoners” in 1993 and others. Hon Victor Ogene has used his position in the Federal House of Representatives to influence visible projects to his constituency in a short while as first timer in the house since 2011. His father, late Pa Ogene was a great educationist to the core, who believed that education is the only legacy that a parent must give to his or her child while growing up. Ogbaru community is proud of Hon. Victor Ogene for toeing the good path of his late father and elder brother of a good politician not a corrupt one. He is one of Nigerian politicians that still associating himself with his old friends and others and unlike some high profile politicians who shed their old friends away as regard to new status of life.

At 47, Hon. Victor Ogene has greatly achieved coupled with the fact that he married to a good wife that understands the nitty- gritty of Nigeria's politics called 'Lolo of the People”. Hon Victor Ogene has greatly affected the Ogbaru people in a positive way that they felt second term is possible without campaign. Hon. Victor Ogene married a visionary wife of substance. He is answerable to the people he represented. He is the only Nigerian legislator that you can call without storing your cell phone number in his phone but will call you back if not busy. How many Nigerian legislators can do it? Hon. Victor Ogene believes on political service not do or die mechanism which some other present serving legislators have adopted time without number.

Again, Hon Victor Ogene is one of the Nigerian legislators that knows where he started from without flexing muscles with anybody or exhibiting inferior complex. Hon. Victor Ogene is a staunch catholic faithful. He once lived in a slum city called” Ajegunle” and worshipped with St. Mary catholic church for years in Ajegunle before he was called upon to represent his people at the National Assembly. Hon. Victor Ogene was one of the dignitaries that was called upon to celebrate with St. Mary Catholic church on their 50th celebration recently. He is one of the Federal legislators who is not interested with juicy contracts or committee because he knows while he was elected into the house. The people of Ogbaru community believe they have elected the right discerning person into office which has since provided that leadership quality they needed over the years. Hon. Victor Ogene's 47 years on earth is not 47 days but politically created a structure in Anambra politics. He is one politician in Anambra State that has value for his people.

It is not how far you have lived on earth that matters but your affirmative contribution to the society that is what God records in heaven. He is a passionate politician with a transformation. He has able to prove his critics wrong that not only money bags politicians can win election but ordinary writer from the fourth estate profession can be elected if his manifestoes are fecund. Hon. Victor Ogene grew up in Ajegunle but never allowed the slum background to affect his career pursuit because he knew where he was going and fought for his career advancement. His political sagacity and humility has since elevated his political career which his resolute mindset towards politics cannot be undervalued. At 47, Hon. Victor Ogene is energetic to contest for second bid of the Federal House of Representatives because Ogbaru people know that he has since fulfilled some of the political promises he made. To some extent, Hon. Victor Ogene is unbeatable to the core. He is not carried away by the political largesse but ready to fulfill his electorate promises. He is a man who respects his governor in person of Chief Peter Obi. He is a straight forward legislator in terms of political decisions and others. No wonder his political opponent took him to court to challenge his electoral victory in 2011 and he won abysmally. He believes that power belongs to God not man.He has provided scholarships to indigent people across Nigeria and beyond. He always visits his constituency to know their plights and provide solutions to it. He has empowered many Ogbaru youths with various skills acquisition and others. He is prudent with the constituency funds and not live above board. Hon. Victor Ogene is a humble politician who prefers to buy ordinary flight instead of business class one and lodge in a local Hotel suite while most people in his position want to live above their means. He also believes that after politics, he can continue his pen- push profession. Despite the security threats in Nigeria, he still notgoes around with nerve-wracking body guards and believes that security of life belongs to God not man.

Finally, Hon Victor afam Ogene is a leader of leaders, legislator of legislators, mentor of mentors, journalist of journalists, publisher of publishers, philanthropist of philanthropists, thinker of thinkers, reader of readers, editor of editors, politician of politicians, entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, achiever of achievers and others. He is married to a God- sent woman who understands his political calling with God fearing children. Once again, happy birthday my visionary mentor of thought.

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