What Boko Haram Insurgency Has Done To Borno, By Shettima

Source: thewillnigeria.com
BEVERLY HILLS, CA, December 12, (THEWILL) - Borno State governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, on Wednesday, reflected on the effects of the four-year-old Boko Haram insurgency on the development of the state, saying it has brought the state backward for 50 years as well as  destroying the state's  economy. Shettima stated this on Wednesday while speaking at a reception he held for the Borno State chapter of the youth wing of All Progressives Congress (APC) under the aegis of All Progressives Youths Forum. Maintaining that  the youths have a lot to do in transforming the fortunes of the state, the governor expressed delight that the youths have "declared to support the reinvention and reconstruction of Borno State brick by brick,'' adding ''Borno has been taken backward by 50 years, we have a big task before us to rebuild our state." According to Shettima, "It doesn't matter which of the 36 states of the federation you may have come from, what matters is that you are a resident of Borno State and the progress of Borno State affects you as much as its problems bedevils you. "The task of rebuilding Borno is ours, as one people, one family with one destiny, we have suffered trauma and by implication, fallen together and we have blight ion towards one another to hold our hands firmly and rise together as one people. "As youths, you have the onerous task of talking to your peers door by door, educating and mobilising them to support the progress of Borno State, to help in the reconstruction of our dear state. "Borno is our pride, Borno is our heritage, we all own Borno and we have an obligation to work for its progress. When we work for Borno's progress, we work for no other but ourselves. When we work for Borno, we secure our future and make Borno better for ourselves, our children and those yet unborn. "My brothers, you hold the key to Borno's progress, no one has the influence of the youth in moulding public opinions; nobody has the strength and capacity of the youths unless the youths are divided; no one has the inner spirit and the boiling passion of a youth. This is our generation, we cannot sit on the fence, we must work as progressives to think and walk Borno." The , who said  he is always happy to interact with youths, stressed that to inspire the youths, one needs to "be example they seek, be the change you want them to be, close the gap that may exist between you and them, think the youths, sleep the youths and walk the youths, then, you inspire the youths." According to Shettima, "The youth is the most complex member of any society yet the easiest to manage. The day you begin to tell lies, that day you lose the sympathy of the youths. The youths, by their age, have very inquisitive minds, they query everything you say, they ask questions, they don't just listen and that is why they are complex." The leader of the Progressives Youth Forum, Abubakar Terab, said they "are now ready to take their rightful place in the scheme of things," even as he warned that the youths would no more stand aloof and watch their future mortgaged by some selfish politicians who are out to gain from the destruction of the society.