By NBF News

Memo to Goodluck Jonathan (3)
Monday, March 08, 2010
Greetings your Excellency in Jesus' name, Now that God has exalted a humble man like you from a marginalized minority group to become the Acting President and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the giant of Africa, will you help us? Or will you do business as usual where people in government -either in church or politics- use their political power for their personal rather than national interest.

It is very difficult for everybody to like you, so once in a while when people who don't like you try to distract you, all you need do is hand them over to Prof. Akunyili and the Attorney General of the federation. Please don't let anyone intimidate, confuse or distract you from helping us. We have suffered too much.

Your Excellency sir, you have no excuse to fail, even if you want to fail you cannot fail because you have too much resources and goodwill around you, the only way Nigeria can fail is if you are determined to fail and do everything within your power to ensure that Nigeria fails. Sir, will you call in the Society For Rural Health (SFRH) to come help out with achieving results for our people, or will you fill positions meant for technocrats with functional-illiterate family and friends? it is very impossible for you to think of success if you allow anyone to distract you from implementing the Seven-point Agenda.

Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, when the politicians and power brokers had a magic-formula 'the 7 lean cows that ate up the 7 fat cows', they did not discard it because they didn't understand it. To them, national interest was given more priority than personal ambition, so they got a poor slave to help.

President Yar'adua's first two and half years in office was wasted because most of his key power brokers had personal political agenda which were more important than the Seven point agenda which they never understood, and never thought it wise to look for even a slave who can deliver, they were too proud, narrow-minded and greedy to perceive that the success of the administration will directly or indirectly lead to their own personal successes. They sabotaged Yar'Adua until he developed a cardiac complication from job-related stress.

Your Excellency sir, are you going to allow them to frustrate you into developing a job-related stress the way they frustrated Yar'Adua? Are you willing to let our nation to succeed? Or are you determined to fail? Action speaks louder than voice. A lot of people believe that Nigeria is a failed project; some believe that one-year is too short to achieve anything reasonable. Your Excellency sir, will you adopt these flimsy excuses as alibi to refuse to be sensitive, available, and respond to the plights of our people.

Sir, we do not merely expect a response from you, but for you to respond responsively to your responsibilities as the Acting president and Commander-in chief of the federal republic of Nigeria. Sir, we agree that one-year is short if you fill your office with functional illiterates. To an unprepared incompetent person, one year is very short because excuses are tools of the incompetent, monuments of nothing; Those that use them are not wise, and rarely do they succeed in life. Sir, you have no reason to fail in this one-year. In fact, with the resources and goodwill at your disposal, your achievements this one-golden-year should surpass those of other governments put together.

Your Excellency sir, don't allow some satanic narrow-minded advisers to tell you that you were not the inventor of Nigeria's problems. Now that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the only problem that Nigeria has is Jonathan. If only Jonathan will allow God to help our people, God can solve everything dramatically within one year. Now the Big and only problem that Nigeria has is the 'If ' - Will Acting President Jonathan allow God? If he allows God, then our problems have already become history. Will Jonathan waste our resources, time, and the destiny of our children trying to fix his own personal ambition or to get even with those who hate him? If only Jonathan cares about the over 150 million of us who are suffering unnecessarily. If only Jonathan has adviser who know the power of God. If only Jonathan will allow God.

Under the military and colonial government, leadership means control and dominance of fellow Nigerians. Under a democratic dispensation, it means empowerment and collaboration of Nigerians. Should we expect a progressive deterioration from bad to worse in your administration sir, or will you show our people that you really care?

Are you going to allow our educational department to be led by functional illiterates? Or will you call Society for Rural health (SFRH) to come and sanitize the place before the end of April 2010? Are you happy that a nation that is floating on oil lacks fuel? Or will you invite people who can put an end to fuel crisis forever by the end of August 2010?

Are you going to surround yourself with report writing budget-kidnappers? Or will you be serious about ensuring that you make life beautiful for the over 150 million people who are suffering in this 'golden-one-year-administration' of yours? Will you continue to allow functional illiterates to be in charge of national planning? When will you begin to demand for results and not reports?

Your Excellency sir, Nigeria is the only country in the world where the citizens pay tax without been given social amenities and even energy to power their businesses. Sir, will you allow this satanic behaviour to continue? Sir, will you continue in the idea of sharing money to vocal Niger-delta militants? Or will you allow the SFRH to come and create One million new self-sustaining jobs for our people before the end of September 2010?

God bless you, and God bless Nigeria.