The Mandela in Every one of us


This piece was contributed by
Musa A. Suleiman, Technical Assistant to the National Youth Leader, PDP.

As I put ink to paper, more than 50 world leaders are set to attend the historic event lined up as part of a 10 day long funeral programme to bid farewell to an ICON of our time, a man that achieve more than was expected of him, a light that dimed, a selfless humanist, a courageous leader, a good man per excellence and a role model at all times.

Nelson Rolhilahla Mandela (1918-2013) born from a humble background from a little enclave in Qunu, Capetown, South Africa.

Who against a powerful Western back apartheid regime gave his all, even in the process, if it had required his life, to emancipate his people and ensure majority black rule against minority white supremacist.

Even despite an inglorious incarceration for 27years in prison left the prison walls putting behind all iota of hatred and animosity against his persecutors, traducers and enemies and in the process accepted a joint Award for the noble peace prize with his sworn enemy Fredrick W. Clerk.

What is the message today for us as people and a country is that there is a Mandela in every one of us.  If we close this generation and beyond without another Mandela, then our humanity would have been lost. We must awake the Mandela's Spirit, legacy, love and courage in us. We must in our private and public dealings treat our fellow humans first as humans, we must put aside our various sentimental linings be they ethnic, tribal, religious, political and ethno centric postulations that degrade our sense of humanity.

We must put forward love in everything we do. We must spread kindness and appreciate our differences as a people. If God had wanted, He would have made us all the same, but because he had a purpose for creation. He made us who we are, so a Mandela can come forth and show the way, so we should be willing to follow:

The Mandela in us must be willing to assist our fellow human being at all time. Your neighbor or every one you meet must get the assistance they need, when you can. We must put down the division brewing among us as Nigerians.

We must love our family which is the foundation for a better world. The reason for which Tata Madiba foregone a 2nd term in office is for the love of family. We must be loyal to our friends, bosses, and the leaders, God has given us at all time. We must shun corruption, nepotism, covetousness, envy, jealously, hatred, malice and embrace love. Peace, joy, goodwill, kindness and fear of God, then, and only then, we all will be a Mandela and will leave a legacy worth emulating.