Landmark Announcement For Retail Banker Education

By TheNigerianVoice-TNV

The International Academy of Retail Banking will today announce that its Certified International Retail Banker (CIRB) qualification has been accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute, the oldest banking institute in the world. This professional qualification also provides a pathway to the Institute's flagship Chartered Banker programme. Retail bankers worldwide now have their own professional qualification - and it is supported by a unique suite of coursework and e-learning materials that contain a comprehensive body of knowledge developed by leading industry practitioners.

The CIRB qualification will be awarded to retail bankers who pass the three professional examinations of the International Academy of Retail Banking. The Academy, which was founded in London in 2011, aims to develop retail banking as a profession similar to accountancy. Apart from passing professional examinations, its membership rules require CIRBs to follow a demanding code of ethics, and to undertake continuing professional education in order to maintain their membership status.

“We have developed the Academy curriculum in response to the needs of retail banks around the world. It sets a challenging standard and we are very proud that the programme has now been accredited by the Chartered Banker Institute” commented Dick Harryvan, co-chairman of the Academy and a former CEO of ING Direct, the Amsterdam-based international retail bank.

Simon Thompson, Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute, added “since the global financial crisis there has been much focus on rebuilding banks' financial capital but it is equally important that the banks' human capital is rebuilt. Banking is a profession and the range and take up of professional qualifications needs to be increased. The Academy's Certified International Retail Banker qualification has an important contribution to make and we are pleased to accredit the programme.”

To date over 3000 retail bankers from more than 60 countries have embarked on the Academy's programmes. Already, more than 40 banks have supported the mission of making retail banking a recognised profession. These include Ecobank, ING Bank, Maybank, Nedbank, Standard Chartered Bank and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.

The Academy founders are Michael Lafferty, chairman of Lafferty Group, a financial industry research and publishing firm, Dr. Abdul H. Rahman, Academic Director, Evelyn Hunter-Jordan, Executive Director, and Dick Harryvan.

International Academy of Retail Banking

The International Academy of Retail Banking is a global educational and professional body for the retail banking industry. It was created in the belief that retail banking should be a profession – like accountancy and law – and offers similar professional education programmes and examinations.

IARB is the only educational body in the world offering specialised post-graduate training in the retail banking field – both to qualification level and on an on-going basis. Lafferty Group, of which the Academy is part, has provided industry research and intelligence to retail banks for more than 30 years.

The Academy also awards an international qualification for cards and payments professionals.

Chartered Banker Institute

“Chartered Banker Institute” is a trading name of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland. The oldest professional institute of bankers in the world, it has members and students in more than 50 countries. An education charity established by Royal Charter, the Institute leads the way in defining, developing, enhancing and sustaining professional standards in banking.

In 2011, the Institute established the Chartered Banker Professional Standards Board ( to restore public confidence and trust in the banking industry and promote a culture of professionalism among individual bankers.