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"NIGERIAN ACTORS NEVER FANCIED ME" - boasts actress Chioma Toplis

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British-Nigerian Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis, hs a shocker for her male counterparts in the local film industry; 'they were never attracted to me'.
Chioma, happily married and up-and-doing by every standard, was quoted to have said recently that she never fancied dating any actor while she plied her trade regularly at home. The Umuahia, Abia State born thespian is, perhaps, the only Nigerian actress who has shown the guts to challenge Nollywood male actors to their renowned game of peeping at skirts of every new and beautiful actress.
The English Language graduate began her film trade in 2004 via a home video entitled Stolen Bible but she didn't get the desired break until 2005 when she became a household name featuring in Trinity, another blockbuster that sold out.
Interestingly, Chioma combined running personal businesses with acting owning large clothing and cosmetics shops in Lagos, Nigeria and the UK. Besides, the 41 years old mother of 3 is also said to own properties in choice areas of London an

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