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Lautech: Looking Beyond The Secundum Quid

By Oluwatomilola Tomi

LAUTECH has for years now been in the news as an unstable University courtesy of Power Tussle- Ownership Issue, Students protest due to bluffly refusal of unfavourable policies enacts by the school authority; death of fellows courtesy of insecurity and lots more.

More-so, the image of LAUTECH is being painted black with issues that generated only from last semester. The death of a student which led to days of peaceful demonstrations (world grossly misinformed); the killing of a lady for ritual, by her boyfriend; the EFCC arrest, detain and sentence of a student to three (3) years imprisonment for internet fraud.

All these give people bad impressions about the school. Students of other schools see LAUTECH Students as scoundrels; but the fact that they heard of a Lautech Student who killed his girlfriend for ritual doesn't make all Lautech Students ritualists; that they read and heard in the news of a Ladokite whom EFCC arrested, detained and sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment for internet fraud/cyber-crime, doesn't make all Ladokites Scammers, Fraudsters and Cyber Criminals.

Drawing conclusions based on small size, rather than looking at statistics that are much more in line with the typical or average situation is unacceptable. It's worth condemning making a hasty conclusion about our School without considering all of variables. These have blindfolded many eyes from seeing the better side of our school. They had better look beyond this secundum quid and stop the intentional exclusion of evidences to a bias conclusion.

There are Cyber-criminals, Ritualists, and Internet Fraudsters in other Universities as seen in LAUTECH. What's happening in LAUTECH also happens in mostly all Universities in this country, it's just that the media gives so much attention to issues generating from our school.

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMI'NIGERIA, PRO, Union of Campus Journalists, Lautech. [email protected] @TomiNigeria.

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