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We Shall Swim Or Sink With Tony Nwoye In Anambra State

Let Anambra Electorate Choose Who Governs Them!!!
By Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation

Comrade Tony Nwoye, apart from his activist's famous genuine character line is a great mind and promising youth leader that was deemed feat to fly the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during the recent inconclusive gubernatorial election in Anambra state. Anambra state and her people have suffered underdevelopment and destruction of legacy mostly caused by the infighting amongst Politicians and the refusal of Mr Peter Obi to organise a Local Government Election in the State for the past eight years.

Many attempts have been made to fix Anambra and her quarrelling godfathers but it all appear intractable! The Anambra godfathers are more bigoted and richer than their mates elsewhere that they march each other power to power and money with money. It has been said “Money flow from Abuja to other states but inversely goes to Abuja from Anambra state”. For this, money politics tears Anambra people apart. For this too, Mr. Peter Obi has been able to use huge money and roads politics to cut corners and rig his party into power. It happened in 2010. This, also mercilessly reared its ugly heads during last Saturday.

To this anti-social acts, irrational money politics and habitual shortchanging of the electorate, Anambra people rejoiced and vigorously identified and supported Comrade Tony Nwoye because he, through the primaries and dirty litigations wars trampled and demystified the godfathers and their lieutenants. His emergence as PDP Candidate against the wills of the Goliaths was seen as “David's triumph” by the Anambra electorate that he campaigned only nine days due to time wasted at court and still came second with about 94000 plus real votes unlike those garnered by a beneficiary of the Powers that be at Awka.

Anambra people voted massively for Tony Nwoye and would have given him their mandate had there been free and fair elections as his political rising will seal the fate of the infamous god-fatherism in Anambra polity. Tony Nwoye's gubernatorial ambition has become a sabotaged revolution by the godfathers and powers that be ???. This revolution is still promising and calls for cancellation of the whole exercise is more on the positive side.

Condemnations have trailed, many stories have been told about the most infamous gubernatorial elections conducted by the Independent National Election Commission, INEC last November 16th 2013 in Anambra state. With the turn of events leading to shortchanging of the electorate, roles played by the police, INEC staff and ad-hoc staff, community and some traditional leaders; one can vibrantly be in the league of those who alleged that the powers that be in the state,like a thief in the night,connived to steal the Guber election favouring the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA candidate Chief Willy Obiano. This position has nothing to do with political sentiment or party affiliation but turn of the events as it concerned last gubernatorial elections, so we begrudge not Willy Obiano but here to discuss issues bothering on social injustice and electoral frauds.

Of course, the respective candidates of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, All Progressive Congress, APC and Labour Party, LP, Comrade Tony Nwoye, Dr. Chris Ngige and Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, have condemned INEC and the entire exercise and addressed joint press conference asking for outright cancellation and re-run. Imagine about 700,000 voters including the candidate of PDP, Comrade Tony Nwoye, his wife, parents and siblings, PDP Chieftain Prince Arthur Eze and wife of the PDP's national Board of Trustees chairman Mrs. Josephine Anenih could not find their names on the voters' registers and were disenfranchised from voting. Even the INEC national chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega has come out boldly saying that INEC staff sabotaged the electoral exercise as vividly seen in Idemili North and Idemili South. What else remains to cancel the elections?

Some have said that INEC has no power to cancel elections based on the alleged irregularity and frauds, but there have been an antecedent recorded in Imo state during Imo's 2011 governorship elections where INEC cancelled Oguta Zone elections based on gross irregularities and fraudulent activities and through the re-run of the said INEC's cancelled Oguta Owelle Rochas Okorocha was declared winner. A situation whereby about 700, 000 voters were grossly disenfranchised from voting far outweighs the issue of excluding a candidate from participating in an election, on which basis courts cancels elections. So whether INEC cancels the last November 16, Anambra gubernatorial elections or not; we strongly believe that the illegality will not stand before the tribunal through the Supreme Court

So it is to Prof Jega's credit to remedy his soiled reputation by identifying the irregularities and frauds by his INEC staff and security men and call for a re-run of the whole process to give credibility to 2015 general elections or have court exposing his INEC's partisanship that sabotage Anambra revolution. With what happened in Anambra state, Prof Jega's credibility and promises about free and fair elections in Nigeria is now threatening democracy and makes 2015 portends more lethal crises.

Chief Victor Umeh came out saying that the fraudulent Anambra November 16, 2013 governorship election condemned by both foreign and local observers, Anambra voters, candidates and chief umpire Prof Attahiru Jega discredited respectively was free and fair. It verily unfortunate that Anambra electorate could not only be decided for but taken for granted because of the political interest of one individual! (MR PETER OBI WHO WANTS THIRD TENURE)

One means the same Anambra governorship election that women numbering more than 5000 shouted as they marched to the INEC office Awka days after? The women who converged at the popular Aroma junction demands amongst all viz:

1. That INEC should cancel the state election.
2. That Prof Jega who admitted on AIT that the election was rigged must sack Prof Onukogu and conduct fresh election.

3 That APGA used police to rig election. Etc
Speaking on the activities of some APGA bought over PDP quislings against the true reality on the ground and fraudulent elections and irregularities a PDP Chieftain Chike Nwaanguma said “he was worried about the multiplicity of views from top members of his party, who he accused of having turned their positions to stock market of sorts. Persons who have contributed little or nothing to the growth or fortunes of the party at whatever level”.

Chief Nwanguma, went further to say he “believed that a larger section of the state's electorate were disenfranchised last Saturday because INEC and their computer data base bungled the voters register of the state”. He therefore wondered why Prof Attahiruh Jega muddled up the voters register and dumped it on the laps of the parties, giving room for the governorship election to be discredited beyond measure.

Thank God Comrade Tony Nwoye, in his revolutionary mindset and product of activistism/tradition has come bold rejecting the election and is asking for fresh election in Anambra state against the position and politics of the ranting APGA bought over PDP sell-outs and quislings.

Anambra people should be preparing for the unfinished revolution when the time comes since this November 16 illegality will not stand the test of time.

As we wait to hear from Comrade Tony Nwoye,Hon Osita Ezenwa and the Campaign Organisation concerning this unfolding theatrics in Anambra State,this struggle continues, this fight still goes on and an Angel still stands in the whirlwind and directs this storm


Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Chinedu Klinsmann.........ICT Unit, Tony Nwoye Campaign Organisation

Mazi Okwu Okwu..................Convener Tony Nwoye Grass-root conversers

Hon Iloka Nnaemeka..............Representative PDP Councillors Forum

Mr Iloh Humphrey.................Peoples Democratic Party, Anambra State

Hon Emeka Makachi..............PDP Elders Forum,Anambra State