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By Amuda Emmanuel

Ekiti State is classified as the Fountain of Knowledge and Land of Honour. Ekiti State is known to be the source of elite,As often said, the state has produced the highest number professors and graduates all over Nigeria which is evident in every house in the state. In every house, Ekiti,there is a professor.

Since 1999 Nigeria has returned to democracy,the political atmosphere in Ekiti State cannot be put aside. The state has been rated high and branded as the nucleus of vices such as murder,thuggery and all the related in South-West,Nigeria. I think the state full of professors and top notches should be pace setter for her counterparts far and near in terms of moral excellence and enviable governance.

In politics,power is not subjected to any individual but a responsibility you earn as a result of people's trust in your skills and ability to make life better. So people's expectations from a true leader are mainly good plans for their future. If bloodshed is all that power entails,then who will remain to be governed when all are killed?.

Let us assess Ekiti State Since Nigeria returned to Democracy in 1999


During the regimes of Otunba Niyi Adebayo and Engr Segun Oni,these two men were said to have been Humble,Tolerant and Respectful. They allowed oppositions in the state to carry on their lawful activities without obstructions. I can classify these two men as good citizens of Ekiti State.


Dr Ayo Fayose's regime is similar to Dr Kayode Fayemi's administration in display of zero tolerance to oppositions
Fayose,in his time,was highly resistant to opposition parties to the extent he was alleged of killing political bigwigs in the state. Fayose personally led thugs and securty operatives to disrupt the Alliance for Democracy(AD) programme at Mugbagba Area,Ado Ekiti,destroying several vehicles in the process. The death of Mr Tunde Omojola were still fresh in memories of people till now,and Fayose was alleged responsible for this heinous crime. All of these wasted gifts in Ekiti State had been immeasurable blessing in lives time. Where is Dr Ayo Daramola, the PDP governorship aspirant and once world Bank consultant? I think Fayose is in the best position to explain his where about. Our people were forced to kiss the dusts because of their wills to better the lives of people in their dear state.

Coming to Dr Kayode Fayemi's regime,I wonder how the so-called war manager came into being without human resources management trainings and relevant experience in the affairs of men, suddenly came to power and was nicknamed the governor. His regime is as good as fayose's. Birds of a feather...!

Fayemi gained the seat of power through judicial pronouncement,nearly everyone jubilated thinking the messiah has come,not knowing that another "Jagumolu" had shown up in the state.
All of a sudden,we discovered he and Fayose had become friends all in an attempt to unleash their ill ideas on Ekiti people. Now,his regime is rated the highest violence breathing and crime expanding medium to obstruct the ever enjoying peace of our loving people.

November 15,2010 a month after Fayemi got the insignia of power,Chief Adeleye Awolumate a PDP chieftain in Osun Ekiti in Moba Local Government Area of the State was killed by Fayemi's killer's squad. He dared Fayemi for illegally dissolving the democratically elected council officials in the state.

March 23,2011,Mr Micheal Ipinlaye and Mr Kehinde Ayo Faluyi,PDP members in Kota Ekiti in Ekiti East Local Government were killed by Fayemi's security operatives over allegation of defacement of posters

March 31,2013,Mr Ayodele Jeje and Mrs Juliana Adewumi ACN members in Erinjiyan Ekiti in Ekiti West Local Government were killed by Fayemi's Killer's squad. The duo were to have made their intention known to defect from ACN(Fayemi's Party) to another political parties known. Sooner ,it was reported that Mr Ayo Jeje died instantly and Mrs Juliana Adewumi mysteriously died a month later. All because they told their followers they wanted to go to greaner pasture. What a wicked leader in leadership's clothing!

August 23,2013,Mr Ola Fatokun,Mr Rasaki Bello and Mr Ige Adeola are members of APC (Fayemi's Party) were attacked by supposed Fayemi's Killer's squad at Iyin Ekiti, home town of Hon Micheal Opeyemi Bamidele(MOB).Bamidele who is one of the present member of the House of Representatives was attacked as well during the burial ceremony of Mrs Felicia Akinwumi,Mother of Mr Akinwumi while others sustained varoius degrees of injuries.

September 19,2013 Fayemi's Killer's squad attacked Hon Micheal Opeyemi Bamidele(MOB) support group,Ekiti Bibiire Coalition while awaiting their loved MOB to openly declare his intention in the public to contest against Fayemi in 2014 governorship election in the state,at least 11 people were gruesomely attacked by Fayemi's killer's squad. Infact,it is a show of shame on Ekiti state government. It described a government that was totally against opposition,a government who actually may have been deceiving the entire people of the state.

November 3,2013 Mr Foluso Ogundare a member of APC(Fayemi's party) in Emure in Emure Local Government Area of the state was killed by Fayem's Killer's squad. Foluso Ogundare ,a member of MOB support group,Ekiti Bibiire Coalition,was wiped off by Fayemi's killer's squad at a meeting held in Ward 3 in Emure Ekiti and Mrs Beatrice Ige, sustained a lot of injuries and,she's currently struggling to regain her health in Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital,Ado-Ekiti.
In related development,an Old Woman was stripped naked at Odo-Ado of Ado-Ekiti by this so-called blood shedding mercenaries nicknamed Fayem's squad,all because she put on Ekiti Bibiire Coalition T-Shirt.

I wonder how to characterize their form of politics. If bloodshed is all that power entails,then who will remain to be governed when all are killed?

In fact,this same of set people launched series of protests against Fayose government in Ekiti state people like Mr Obafemi Ojudu(now Senator),Bar Femi Falana(SAN),Bar Morakinyo Ogele and so on,claimed to be human right activists and portrayed themselves as "Saints" in government,not knowing there were underline thirsts of powers in them. They all made victims out of the gullible masses. They perpetrated different evils and covered them, due to their strong influence with most of the media outfits in the South West. Where are the human rights activists who never see any good thing in the various programme and polices of the federal government? Where are Femi Falana,Senator Babafemi Ojudu,Morakinyo Ogele,Prof Akin Oyebode,Hon Dino Melaye,Liar Muhammed and other self-styled activists? Where are the Elders of Ekiti who condemned Fayose's regime? Have all gone on criminal silence?

Politics of killing,thuggery,violence and assassination in our state must stop.
May God liberate us from the shackles of intimidation,oppression and Tyranny.

God Bless Ekiti State.

Amuda Emmanuel
Writes from Ikeja,Lagos

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