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A recent opinion I conducted in online social networking service showed that Iyanya is the hottest sex symbol in the Nigerian music industry and his chat busting track, "Your Waist" is the most romantic, most seductive and caressing track released in the country in the last few years or thereabouts.

So, What is so special about "Your Waist" and other tracks that Iyanya has released? Over Fifty Nigerian girls from different country and background that I chatted with, gave me some amazing response to that question. Check out what they said.


What has lubricant got to do with music, you may ask. But listen to what Omolara, a student of Harvard University, USA has to say;

'Your Waist' na wao! if I'm alone with my guy and he plays the music, I'II just go wet from him. The music is extremely romantic. Apart from the lyrics, the rhythm too is cool. It helps to really get you ready for the real thing".

Sandra, a student of Delta state University Abraka was even more graphic in her response. The Warri born Sandra who is Mass Communication student, responded in pidgin English in this manner; "Your Waist? Ha! If you wan enter me, play that music, I no go resist. The music dey enter my body and as I dey listen to am, my pants dey wet".


Many ladies I chatted with, said Iyanya music especially "Your Waist", makes them fantasize in bed and so the sex is better.

"I really feel like angel when I'm with boyfriend in bed and the music is playing" Says Chinenye.

"My boyfriend actually treats me like angel and I really think he is the one talking to me when the music is playing." I do imagine him to be Iyanya".

According to Funke, a Youth Corper serving in Calabar, Iyanya is a a handsome guy and she would love to date him. "His music reminds me of him, and I wish always that I have him. He is cute and talented. Such guys can be good in bed too. In bed, anywhere I'm, I day dream about him. He is a star, there is nothing strange in anybody dreaming of him. I'm not ashamed to say I have fallen in love with him".


The rhythm of Iyanya's music is good for sex any day, says Nkiruka, a student of IMT, Enugu. "If I take stout small, then put Iyanya music, I go do the thing the way you go like am. I like Iyanya. He is my favourite Nigerian musician. The guy is good. I wish I can make love with him, he will know that I'm hotter than his girlfriend.

Nkiruka's friend, Ngozi who is in the same department with her agrees totally with her friend. Hear her; "If you play Iyanya music when you are in bed, waist must roll. Any how you must enjoy the thing".


Rose, who operates an hair/beauty saloon in Ikeja , Lagos, says she uses the music of Iyanya (Your Waist) to catch her husband's attention. "No how,if I'm playing that music, he must come and meet me. He likes the music and once he hears it and comes to meet me,he would like to kiss me and to prove to me that he value my waist. From there,anything can happen".


Does Iyanya music help to give Nigerian ladies orgasm? Sandra whom I mentioned earlier, says yes.Hear her again. "Any music that can wet your pants can make you have orgasm. What is orgasm, it's just the climax of the whole thing. If the music is caressing, like "Your Waist", and it gets you in the mood, it must make you orgasm as well".


Some Nigerian ladies I chatted with, says it's not sex they want when they listen to "Your Waist" "It doesn't make me think of sex," says Jennifer, a nurse with a private hospital in Lagos. "The music is very mature and I just feel like relaxing in bed with my fiance. I feel like touching him and he touching me in a romantic way without going for sex... You know, the problem with sex is that it's over too soon and you lose steam and the fun is gone. But plain romance, with good music like that of Iyanya makes you feel relaxed, happy and the fun just goes on and on.