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It is very unfortunate that in spite of serious explanations through advertorials and other publications, people who are supposed to be knowledgeable end up publishing falsehood with the intent to whip up unnecessary sentiments and spuriously embellish their ill intended stories to make them look real.

One Ekene Nwabichili, to my chagrin got a space in our hallowed Guardian, the flagship of Nigeria dailies in an article on page 15 of the Tuesday 28, 2013 edition. The hubris of an article revealed how ignorant he is on issues and his refusal to admit facts. From his twisty treatise, he may be seeking the notice of Gov Fashola and thereby threatening the position of Joe Igbokwe, the known spokesperson on issues concerning Ndi Igbo and Lagos State.

In paragraph 3 of his “Governor Obi's anti-Igbo legacy, he veered off his main target Gov Peter Obi and took a swipe on Abia Governor Chief T. A. Orji, accusing him of taking an anti-Igbo policy by dismissing all Igbo people. The case he is referring to is nothing new to many.

Governor T. A. Orji did not just wake up to drive people away from the state. The policy was well thought out and consultations were made even with South East State Governors. It was a transfer of service to their home states in order for Abians to have a feel of governance and the dividends of democracy. If togetherness of the Igbo people is predicated on Abia sacrificing her total federal allocation, carrying all the burdens at the expense of Ndi Abia, who wants it? Gov Orji who knows where the financial shoes pinch made elaborate pleas and was systematic in the execution.

It is on record that other Igbo states did this to Abia but His Excellency Chief T A Orji made it clear that his action was not in retaliation but part of the restructuring in the civil service based on funds available. It is unfortunate that most of the governors who cried in the day and laughed at night have not fully absorbed these returnees in the civil service of their states. A stunning case was the demonstration in Owerri Imo State not too long ago.

Today, Igbos of other Igbo states are flourishing in many sectors and benefiting from different youth empowerment schemes In Abia.

The first Ochendo foundation empowerment included recipients from other Igbo states. Many non Abians today are enviable appointees, involved in strategic positions like Sir Patrick Mgbemena who is in the committee that is currently handling the relocation, movement and allocation of stores at The Ubani Modern Market. Another influential man is Sir Cletus Onyejiekwe alias Cabrix who is the Senior Special Assistant on Religious Matters, handling inter-faith issues.

In Aba North LGA alone are hons. Ikoroha Azodo and Tony Aganyim as Deputy Transition Chairman and leader of Council respectively. All are from other States. Among the construction companies working in Abia are notable non Abians like Chief Leo Okoye and His Grand Star Construction not forgetting Pumeco owned by Sir Paul Ezeanyagu.

A group of people in Umuahia known as Urban Dwellers have a high number of settlers from Imo, Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi States. Most of the members have been elevated with appointments and their union given a bus for their runs. In Aba the commercial hub, many of the traders and fabricators are busy in their trades owning and maintaining their property without molestation. The examples are legion and the list of recipients are long.

Igbos like other ethnic groups have problems that cannot be settled on newspapers but through diligence, dedication, honest analyses and mutual understanding.

Eddie Onuzuruike

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