For a while, Jerry Chukwueke has been in the public domain using his favorite local tabloids to commit political heresy in his show of recklessness and rascality.

True, it was rather important he was left all alone fighting himself all alone in the ring without anyone engaging him in free for all one man fight against himself. In his usual characteristic, he has maintained a consistent status of an out patient that is in a dire need of para-psychologist to diagnose the dimension his madness has taken.

For the records, Chukwueke has done well for himself in his exploit in car business and maintenance. I once met him as a journalist, then practicing with one of the notable Media outfits in Lekki, Lagos State, of course, he is yet to disappoint this writer. Continuing with my experience, he rather exhibited a man of high timidity. Severally, I had gone for interview but for whatever reason, I had to visit his office more that necessary for what I suspected to be a consistency of a man in his confusion. Of course, despite exhibiting his willingness to tackle a matter head on but his liver failed him.

I later got to understand that Chukwueke is an infant-grown-up who would always hardly take any decision as a supposed man without a recourse to his old mother. This has led to his diplomatic isolation from his kinsmen who would prefer eating from hand to mouth to going asking for help from him and his family by extension. What does that tell us? A man so unmanly that he resorts to mama for every step he takes. One wonders whether it was his mama who had sent him on a suicide mission. Why would any sensible man who suckled his mothers breast wakes to portray a picture of insanity.

While not standing in the way of the baby-man called Chukwueke, there is need to act fast against a man who is attacking a Governor with a view to contesting a Local Government election. Of course, that will be a litmus test for mama-shii-cracy. If the this growing feather of insult with blatant lies of a crying baby Chukwueke is plucked out of him, it will make to fly an ordinary peach and keep people in severe fearfulness.

If the newly turned PDP spokesman must school himself and should rather go for tutoring on how to go about his business except we are saying he has settled to be addressed an attack dog of PDP big heads since he is not fit for any electoral position.

I see Chukwueke's affront as the proverbial challenge against his chi, if not, how can one explain this sudden muscle flexing coming from politically kwashiorkor patient. Again, Chukwueke should be reminded that serious business of governance cannot be left in the hands of hand-sucking-baby who still relies on his mother for decisions even having been weaned at infant stage. That shows ogologo abughi na nwa m etolo - growth without development is the case here.

Coming to the platform for which Chukwueke is operating from, PDP has remained an irredeemable curse to Imo State. Is it the twelve years of locust under PDP? Is it the mismanagement of MDG scheme in Imo State? Let us be objective in this issue, can PDP account for billions from Federation account under it? He who must go to equity must go with clean hands. The albatross of Imo State has been decimated since the emergence Owelle Rochas Okorocha's government.

It is not a question of making bogus claims without facts as politics should be played within the acceptable legal framework and principle. True, it is because of the likes of Chukwueke and his confused PDP co-travelers that make our people believe that politics is a dirty game. If it were that dirty, greater philosophers like Aristotle could not have defined it as the practical science which deals with deriving means to pursuing happiness for people. It is only in a political party where confusion reigns supreme that people like Chukwueke could be considered a Chairman for Mobilization unit of a party. The first he did was to begin to sell his madness to the people of Imo State.

You can call His Excellency, Governor Okorocha names, what you cannot not deny is that he did not only end the rulership of PDP with its rudderless pseudo-leaders, it also ended the reign of terror and pillaging to the glory of God. Socrates in his thoughts said man know thyself. Man know thyself, for a life without evaluation is not worth living. If Chukwukere were to be conscious of himself, he would have hidden his head in shame. What does one call this childish rascality if not idiocy. Of what use is a dead word if not for bone fire or better still allow to decay in expectation of a mushroom. Can we dream of any green any more? No way.

Crystallizing the facts that emerged from my comparative analyses, I am yet to see where PDP and its mouth-running Chukwuekes score up to ten percent in all courses. They were in power for stomach and tasting what they have lacked all their lives. Again, Mr. Jerry, one question for you, is it true that your business is having problem? I am sorry if I have provoked your spirit, it is just that your do or die approach shows that your very life depends on this job and from a source too, I heard something. You may wish to run an exposé for us please.

Governor Okorocha in two years gave PDP a bloody nose. Twelve years of merry-go-round PDP epicureans is not worth one year score card of His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha OON. Within two years in office, Imo has witnessed a massive infrastructural development including the cradle of Jerry Chukwueke and family. Owelle Rochas Okorocha, the Grand Commander of Free Education, made education free from Primary to tertiary level. PDP members, even the family of garrulous and timid elements among them are even benefitting more than Owelle Rochas Okorocha's political family.

Governor Rochas Okorocha is on the verge of completing three hundred and five buildings in three hundred and five wards in Imo State. Chukwueke, ain't you ashamed of the Oru akpu obi PDP nyere gi? In your homestead, would you claim not to see those eye popping magnificent one-one storey buildings around your home town? Oh! I am sorry, now I have remembered that your anger may have stemmed from the stoppage of the corruption being perpetrated through the ghost worker programme occasioned by PDP money doublers. Pray, shall the poor continue to wallow in abject poverty all the days of their lives due to the fraudulent party called PDP. I conjecture you must have been one of the greatest beneficiaries of the impunity of the past.

Remembering good old days of easy money for all for doing nothing makes Chukwueke want to commit suicide. Yours is minor because you were able to invest for the rainy day little wonder your conscription to help return to the good old days of lootocracy. I am sorry, I plead you wake up quickly before it gets too late for you have been living so comfortably in the fools paradise.

Recently, the reasoning capacity of Jerry Chukwueke has once again been put to test from the the raging controversy over his publicized proposed conferment of Chieftaincy title at Emekuku. In their reaction, the people of Emekuku despite the spite from the all knowing Jerry boy, called him to order and to proceed to his Awaka home town. This shows how uncultured the man Chukwueke is. Again, in his madness for power, one is beginning to decipher how Power drunken Chukwueke has become as PDP Mobilization man, one wonders what happens when given a chance to administer a local government with his mamashiicracy.

My dear Jerry, if I were you, I will shut up and go face my business to avoid total personality annihilation for which you might not survive. It is better imagined than experienced what might might be left of you if not saved from his suicide mission. A word is enough for the wise.

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