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Nigerian Film Producers are business minded compared to Ghanaian Producers – Prince William

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Attractive -

Though we might have witness a very successful collaboration between Ghana and Nigerian stars, Prince William happens to be the new Ghanaian actor to add to the tall list of movie stars who have fruitfully made a mark in Nollywood.

In a chat with Prince who has now starred in about 20 movies – like Single and Married, (Yvonne Okoro's) Contract, (Yvonne Nelson's) House of Gold, The Will, Boko Haram , Victims, etc; he told the media that he has only visited Nigeria to shoot 4 movies but the rest of the Ghana- Nigeria movies where all shot in Ghana.

'Majority of the Nollywood films I have starred in was shot in Ghana but because it was directed and produced by Nollywood film makers, people wholly attribute it to Nollywood' Prince revealed.

He also stated that the Ghana-Nigeria collaboration has lots of advantages so he will be happier to feature in more Ghana-Nigeria movies. He added that every actor wants to break into new territories be it Bollywood or Hollywood because new territories means a wider exposure, huge fan base, new and bigger markets, endorsement deals and more money.

Talking about the reasons why the Ghanaian movie industry is taking a nose drive, Prince William said that he is proud to be one of the few who have done some feasibility studies and research about the industry and personally believes that despite the fact that currently things are not going on well for Ghana and Nigerian film industry , Nigeria films are still doing better and they are attracting more investors because most Nigerian film makers are business minded and are always ready to make sure they get it right even if they don't have the means.

Also, majority of Nollywood Producers seem to know what they are about, compared to Gollywood Producers. 'Example, recently, we can see all the Ghanaian English Producers are running to shoot Twi /local movies because the English movies are not doing well. It is not really a bad idea but a serious business-minded person will not run away from his sole business if things are not going well, but rather look for solutions to make things work ' Prince ended.

Daylight will certainly come even if the cock does not crowl.
By: Smile Ofori-Atta