Dietitian advises parents to give children milk that has sufficient iron

By The Citizen

The Deputy Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at the Enugu State University Teaching Hospital (ESUTH), Mrs Okegbe Florence, has advised parents to always give their children milk that has sufficient  iron.

Speaking with newsmen in Enugu on Friday Okegbe said sufficient intake of iron was good for the blood system.

She said that milk that contained sufficient iron helped to boost blood in children and advised parents to always look out for such milk while shopping their babies.

According to her, the iron in breast milk is enough to boost the red blood cell of babies who are fed with breast milk.

She advised mothers into exclusive breast feeding to continue, saying it made their children to look healthy due to the sufficient iron it contained.

Okegbe said that insufficient iron in food caused anaemia, saying it made one, especially babies, to feel dizzy and look pale.

''Without sufficient iron, red blood cells in our blood system reduces, thereby causing one to look pale with whiteness of the eye and as well as dizziness,'' she said.

She said that foods that contained iron included breast milk, fish, meat, soy beans, vegetables and milk, among others