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By Anderson Hart

The angst and uproar against the Special adviser to the president on Amnesty Kingsley Kuku has assumed a disturbing dimension with more and more ex-militants and Niger Delta Generals calling for his sack. This has obviously left a gory picture of the underhand happenings in the amnesty office.

After hearing the outburst of Niger Delta leaders like, Asari Dokubo, Boyloaf, Sobomabo Jackrich (a.ka Egberipapa) Orinaemi Hart of the dreaded Okoloma Ikpangi group, Israel Agodoro of Urhobo MEND among others, more has come out to open up on the alleged fraud perpetrated by Kingsley Kuku and his cohorts.

The recent revelation by Gen. Sobomabo Jackrich and others must have hit the Kuku camp below the belt and he intends to come out with a cover said an Ex militant leader, Jahblood Gbokoro of Delta state who leaked Kuku's plan to this daily.

According to the Jahblood Gbokoro Kuku is following recent condemnation by some leaders is planning to incite some other polarized group with money to converge in pretence that they visited him at their own instance to sign a purported communiqué commending his amnesty programme and countering the true outburst of genuine leaders who have spoken out against his style of leadership.

“President Jonathan must intervene by relieving Kuku of this job or he might mar the integrity of the president” he said

A good number of them who spoke including Orinaemi hart of the Okoloma Ikpangi alleged that he is stockpiling cash that will be used to run for the Ondo state guber..

Similarly, General Charles Kurobo James who ruled the creeks of Apoi community in Southern Ijaw Local Government area of bayelsa state has been brimming with anger on what Kuku and his cohorts has done to his group.

He said Kingsley Kuku should be instantly removed before he jeopardizes the peace in the Niger Delta.

According to him the entire Amnesty slots and jobs are given to his retinue of girl friends and women. A good number of the beneficiaries of amnesty are people who were nowhere close to the struggle but rather relatives and wards of personal cronies while the real ex-militant are abandoned to their faith.

“Kingsley kuku has stopped paying our amnesty money, last year he took us to South Africa for training and brought us back after a week and some days and went to the Presidency to lie that we are another batch of trainees that has graduated, fooling the presidency

“A house allowance was approved for all the leaders of the various groups to the tone of N40 million naira, even Kingsley Kuku himself conveyed a meeting telling us the amount but to our chagrin when the payment commenced the entire people were shortchanged, some received N10, million. N5 million, N2.5 million and some were even paid as low as N150,000 while some never received at all.. However the representation we saw to the presidency was that our money was paid in full. He consistently siphons our money, buying houses for his glut of girlfriends and uses the money for youth empowerment to empower women and girls”.

As an ex militant which is the obvious reason why the amnesty office was opened, it is frustrating that we cannot access the amnesty office but women have free access.

His action is aimed at dividing the leadership forum and the generals to peach them against themselves as he operates the divide and rule tactics and going the extra mile to terminate some.

General Charles Kurobo also revealed that the subjugation and impunity of Kuku was so frustrating that himself and ten (10) other generals, including General Pere, General Awe, General J J, General Wilson, General Pius, General Austine, General Charles, General Fred, Gen. abadingo, gen. Semens and general Felix recently paid a visit to the leader of Niger Delta Vigilante, Chief Ateke Tom to intervene on the matter on their behalf and report their plight to the presidency.

Help us tell president Jonathan that the Ex-Militants are dying; most frustrating the man he uses to execute the entire job is his crony, Pastor Reuben who does the dirty jobs, deceitful publications, fake solidarity messages aimed at deceiving the unsuspecting public..

President Goodluck Jonathan should intervene by immediately sacking Kingsley Kuku to avert a situation where ex-militants will contemplate picking up arms again.