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Nigeria's 53rd Independence Anniversary - My humble remark

By Kayode Agbedejobi

Good day readers, it's a good news that Nigeria marks her 53rd year of Independence. It is however sad news that the government deems it fit to CELEBRATE Independence Day.

Don't get it twisted my opinion is not targeted to undermine the 'efforts' (if there is any) of the government but to express and expose the misplacement of priority by our government. Why is the government always pretending to be much interested in the power sector while shunning the education sector. The honest answer is that the government benefits from the failure of the power sector and stands to gain nothing from the education sector. The question here is, why has the government spent 'too much' money on the power sector and there is nothing good to show for it. This same government is not ready to 'reasonably' invest into the education sector which would FOREVER be of great benefit to the future of this country.

The word Independence means freedom from external control. Of course I'm glad Nigeria is a 53 year old 'Freeman', but sad this 53 year old country is in great shackles of its own.

Corruption seems to be the major obstacle in the wheel of Nigeria's progress. Corruption has got its own wheel in this country and in the cart, we have terrorism (Boko haram, kidnapping), unemployment, failing education, power deficiency amongst other thriving problems. This cart seems to be running faster than that of Nigeria's progress. Yet we are behind but we could send the cart ahead of us crashing. That, I doubt this present government is ready to do. In their minds eye, they see the need for celebration, they do not see the need to honour the agreement they once made with ASUU in order to salvage the country's failing educational standard.

They do not see the need to save lives by improving the transportation sector. Its a shame our government do not see the need to reasonably work towards bringing terrorism to a halt. Although I literally raise Nigerian flag today but I bow my head in pity of the masses whose uttermost yearnings are being shunned by the government presently celebrating its impending doom.

With the actions of the government, doom lingers but I pray the doom would be zoomed to the abode of those who are involved in the regression of the nation's progress.

God bless Nigeria, God touch our leaders. Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Kayode Agbedejobi

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