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Oando to Boost Lagos State Efficacy with Alausa IPP

By The Citizen

Oando Gas and Power (OGP) and the Lagos state government are set to commission the Alausa Independent Power Project in a bid to vastly improve the provision of power to the state secretariat complex in Alausa, Ikeja. The secretariat currently houses the offices of the Governor and Deputy Governor of Lagos State, the State House of Assembly, and all state ministries and adjoining campuses.

Many have applauded the initiative, as the Alausa IPP provides a viable, cost-friendly alternative to the current power supply to the secretariat through a combination of the Power Holding Company Nigeria, and to a larger extent self-generation via diesel engines. The natural gas fired plant will help to significantly reduce the pollution that  emanates from the 70 plus diesel generators that are currently in use, and will lead to a drastic reduction in the LASG Secretariat's fuel costs by over 70%. The Lagos State Government has indicated that consistent and reliable power supply to the secretariat will increase the functionality and efficacy of its employees within the secretariat, which is key to the progression of the state.

The Alausa IPP is the second successful IPP for OGP following the Akute Power Limited's 12.15 Megawatts power plant which was commissioned to improve power supply to the Lagos Water Corporation. OGP has identified the need for IPPs as a welcome resolution to Nigeria's crippling power problem, and is implementing a strategic framework which earmarks the development of critical infrastructure to harness the vast natural gas resources in Nigeria to accelerate industrialization, economic well-being, and  value creation for relevant stakeholders.

It is estimated that the entire secretariat requires an average of 4.0 megawatts; 5.5MW during peak periods and about 0.5MW during off peak periods. The disconnection of the Alausa secretariat complex from the PHCN grid will make additional electricity available to many residents in Lagos State, and the streetlights on the main Awolowo Road will be powered by the plant, thus enhancing security for road users at night.

With over N3.2 billion spent in the development of the plant, the project has provided employment to over 200 people from the construction period to commissioning which is scheduled for October 17, 2013.