Is Yar'adua govt showcasing mediocrity?

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If I am asked to give verdict whether Yar'Adua's government is showcasing mediocrity, I may not be able to give an accurate answer. One wonders when

governance which is supposed to be a serious business that involves lives of the governed should show the seriousness it deserves.

Watching the Weekend File on NTA Saturday October 3, 2009 and the picture that adorned many of the previous day's newspapers, I seem to pity President Yar'Adua. Starting with the picture that accompanied the newspaper story, I could see the President and the Vice President beaming with smiles while the repentant militant warlord Tom Ateke wearing a serious look. The President has not won until he starts those post-amnesty promises with great vigour which includes speedy development of the slums in the Niger Delta area because those militants must have been surprised at how Abuja and Aso Rock look like.

And now to NTA's that got me pissed off; it was as if we watched unserious comedy. Something that should be done in closet was offered to us as if it is an important national assignment for the President. What has the President settling common quarrel between Governor Sylva and Timi Alaibe which had Nduka Obaigbena of This Day newspaper as the mediator got to do with governance and why was it taken as if it is of national importance? The show depicts that the President does not have other serious businesses to handle, whereas we have lots of pressing national issues unattended to. Please Mr.

President should buckle up.

Ms Eno Ntuk,

Oron Road, Uyo,

Akwa Ibom State