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ICBEC 2013: PHCCIMA Advocates Kingdom Principles As Answer To Nigeria’s Economic Problems

By Anderson Hart
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In a bid to grapple with the sustained insolvency bedeviling the Nigeria economy dating back from independence to date, President of Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, industry, mines and Agriculture,, PHCCIMA Engr Emeka Unachukwu has advocated the adoption of Kingdom principles as a last gasp effort to nip the problems in the bud and set new precedence..

Unachukwu made this advocacy while presenting a paper titled: 'THE 6THREPUBLIC - THE ECONOMIC JOURNEY OF FAITH' at the 3rd annual International Christian Business Exhibition and Conference IC-BEC 2013 held at the Atrium hall in Port Harcourt .

He emphasized the need to adopt this system in the face of consistent backlash of the Nigerian economy resulting from the absence of God in the laws propelling the economy. Unachukwu observed that Nigeria has gone through 5 republics; the 1st Republic Plutocracy was exclusively for the rich; the second Timarchy he said was for the strong and tyrannical, the third Tyranny is basically dictatorial, oppressive and a one man will system, the fourth Aristocracy was for the influential and rich while the 5th Republic Democracy, also referred to as democratic tyranny have defied all known economic or political solutions owing to vacuums and morals that are dead in the Nigeria leadership and polity.

He expressed confidence in the 6th Republic saying it is the ideal system that will take Nigeria to her promise land - 'it is replete with faith factors that encourage peace, tolerance and mutual respect, irrespective of colour, ethnic, religion or creed' he said, adding that the sixth republic focuses more on the kingdom principles. 'Nigerians can also intervene in their economic woes through a journey of faith, this according to him is what the annual International Christian Business Exhibition, and Conference, IC-BEC is trying to institutionalize by saying lets get back to business and re-order our country in a new order'.

'A nation's prosperity is strictly in obedience to what God put in place for us to obey and in the adoption of kingdom principles. He said the world got it wrong when they defined the word 'economy' omitting God, the owner of all economic complexities. Unachukwu disclosed that for the first time in the history of the biggest economic summit in Davos, Switzerland the focus and contemplation was the use of faith to heal the world economy, following the obvious reason that socialism, capitalism, mixture of both among others have failed and rather confused than heal the economic woes of the universe.

The Port Harcourt chamber helmsman stress that the sixth republic will bring together the biblical and conventional approach to solve our economic problems. He said our problems can be solved when there's a sincere reward for labour, people are morally conscious and it is germane to enthronement a God fearing leadership. Similarly government he said must abort repressive laws, unpopular government policies among others to begin to get it right and bring about a new precedence.