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Farmers reap bounty from Notore's 1kg fertiliser

By The Citizen

Notore Chemical Industries' one kilogramme fertiliser introduced  to address the infrastructural and financial challenges faced by Nigerian subsistence farmers has transformed the fortunes of farmers in the country.

Farmers who earn less than $1 a day, live far away from market centres and cannot access the markets easily find it  difficult to purchase and transport the conventional 50kg fertiliser.

The introduction of the 1kg fertiliser, packaged in small handy bags, does not only help the resource poor farmers deal with the challenge of lack of funds to buy the products but also makes it easy for them to carry it.

While introducing the affordable 1kg bag, Notore selected salesmen also known as 'Village Promoters saying that these Village Promoters, most of whom are accomplished farmers, were selected through a rigorous process.

'They underwent training conducted by the Agricultural Services department, with a curriculum that was developed by both Notore and PrOpCom. The curricula included best practices on proper fertiliser usage and farming techniques to increase their yields and production. These Village Promoters are in turn sharing their knowledge amongst the farming communities in which they sell the 1kg bags.

Auwalu Sani, an Islamic college graduate, was selected as a Village Promoter on Notore’s 1kg pilot project called Fast Track, which evolved to the On Track project. Though faced with challenges of accepting new product among the famers, packaging and price, Sani made a profit margin of over N75, 000 on Fast Track and N224, 760 with On Track.

He received a branded Notore phone after reaching the first target, and also a Notore motorbike on attainment of the second target.

‘We were faced with numerous challenges,’ said Sani, but with the help of Notore officials we progressed'. 'The market storms we had together helped promote the product and increase our popularity with the product,' he said.

'Notore taught me the fertiliser business in which I sold about half a truck of 1 kg and about half a truck of 50kg. I have expanded my business to selling other farm inputs. They also taught me the best practices, and I in turn, through demonstration plots, teach farmers how to improve their yields. I am now known throughout my community and beyond as a VP who provides agric extension services and farm inputs. Through my success in the program, I was able to build a house, got married and now own a motorbike. I think this is something that any VP will love to achieve,' he added