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Facts About Development In Anambra State

By Orakwue Chikelue

Anambra state has in the last 7 years witnessed development that cut across all sectors and sections. Because efforts in some of the sectors are intangible people tend to gloss over them. Even the tangible achievements are not readily acknowledged by opposition because of vicious politics. It becomes necessary that some of the be showcased so as to dispel the vicious denials. I deliberately used the word some because it is impossible to list everything at a fell swoop.

Some of the tangible achievements of the Peter Obi administration without prejudice to inconsiderate opposition stands head and shoulders above those of his colleagues in other states. I have seen advertorial placed in the pages of newspapers by certain state governments extolling what can hardly qualify for an achievement. I do not mean to suggest that Obi is an Iroko among shrubs. Certainly not! But by manner of speaking the man has taken development beyond the reach of critics who are now standing on tip toe to touch it.

Before I open a window to the intangible sector let me background some of the tangible development strides. Not long ago one of the campaign directors in the employ of the Labour party in the state went wild with facts. In attempt to sell his candidate he chose to stand truth on its head by denying that the Obi government has done anything to empower the youth in the state. It is in line with the understanding by opposition that it can only get to the office by running the government aground.

However, it is a common knowledge to everybody in the state that the following achievements were recorded under Obi's years: first workers secretariat, first Teaching Hospital, first Business Park, first state Transport carrier ANIDS mass transit, first Judges quarters, first Customary Court of Appeal, 800 km of road, first longest bridge at Odor that stands at 165 metre length, first access road in Anambra West, Ayamelum and Ogbaru, ensured that Orient petroleum took off operation, SABMiller, the South African brewer giant was brought here, developing a first tourist centre at Agulu lake, first stadia both in Onitsha, building a Shoprite at a space formerly occupied by Ikenga hotels, built Governor's Lodge at Onitsha, built befitting secretariats in all 21 L.G.A, equipped the 177 communities vigilantes with security vehicles and security gadgets, rebuilt dilapidated schools, handed back Missin schools to their owners and provided the funds for running them, a library since the one built in 1965, provided an SUV each to the 177 traditional rulers in the state etc. the list is endless.


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