As Security Agencies Expands/launches Investigation Of Ibori And The Yar’adua ‘cabal’

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New information available to indicates more trouble awaits the former governor of Delta State in the person of James Ibori and the members of the Yar'Adua 'cabal'. Particularly, the former governor, turn political godfather, who authorities in the United Kingdom have declared wanted, has become a person of renewed interest to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]. The EFCC agents are said to be presently re-examining the financial activities of the former governor and his cohorts – with the intention of leveling new and/or more changes, and possibly an arrest.

James Ibori's influence in the Abuja field of play appears waned by the sudden emergence of the vice president - of which to Ibori presents an obstacle to his political re-emergency as a vice presidential candidate. Ibori had meted out to Goodluck Jonathan the treatment of a do-or-die opponent. Reports have it that Ibori worked tirelessly against the emergency of Jonathan as the Acting President of Nigeria.

It did not come as surprising when the Acting President removed the Attorney General in the person of Mike Aondoakaa from the position of Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Mike Aondoakaa is James Ibori's lawyer.

The EFCC, on its part, had seen the presence of the former Attorney General as obstruction to bringing justice to the activities of James Ibori. A source in the EFCC who confirmed it, stated that the investigation was expanded/re-launched because of Aondoakaa's exist. Already the EFCC had lost a legal battle against Ibori, at the Courts Holden in Benin. The EFCC has appealed and is awaiting a date of hearing to be announced. The source indicates that a date for hearing is to be announced soon.

EFCC agents from Abuja who traveled recently to Benin, Edo State are said to be optimistic that the Court Appeal would grant the reliefs sought.

Along with the threat of a pending Appeal case is the hunt for the 'cabal'. The Yar'Adua cabal which Ibori looms prominent has become a necessary target. The various law enforcement agencies of Nigeria has re-doubled their efforts against the 'cabal' and James Ibori. A source revealed.

Ibori, on his own, has not taken the threats lying down. The recent meeting by the governor's forum was engineered by Ibori to begin the push-back campaign against Goodluck Jonathan. Rising from the meeting, the governor's resolved to issue out a warning to the honorable minister of information and communication in the person of Dora Akunyili. They warned the Information Minister against the use of the word 'cabal' to refer to Yar'Adua's men. They demanded that she soft pedal on her rhetoric. It is worth a mention that James Ibori holds a commanding influence on the matters resolved by the governor's forum.

It is uncertain what cards Ibori has to play with the recent governor's forum meeting, but it is clear, he is fighting back – and might be fighting to defend against an imminent prosecution or merely for a return to power.

Also, the office of the Acting President, as learnt, has directed for a probe of the minister of agriculture in the person of Aba Ruma. Federal law enforcement agencies have begun investigation into the numerous financial transactions at the ministry of agriculture. The minister is purported to have mismanaged the fertilizer distribution scheme under his portfolio. The scheme was valued over N2.5billion. Other suspicious financial transactions are reported to liter the ministry. Sources believe Ruma may be arrested and charged to Court following the conclusion of the probe.

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