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By Edo Benin

19th September, 2013. Benin National Congress.
Mr. Speaker,
House of Representatives,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Mr. Speaker, we have resolutely resolved to address this letter to your good self, and your distinguished colleagues, on account of the masses-disposition with which your arm of the National Assembly has been handling issues related to the sum total of Nigeria's aspirations, that is, the cry for a peoples constitution. Please, we are NOT a gallery-seeking group; hence our trustees endorse every piece of position paper that emanates from our secretariat. This perhaps account for the decision by the 6th Assembly under Rt. Hon. Dimeji Bankole to adopt our petition on the floor of the full chamber in November 2007 on the “case of systemic looting of Benin artifacts” against the Ministry for Arts, Culture and Tourism, particularly, the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, and we testified before the Public Petitions Committee (which was) headed by Hon. C.I.D. Madubam on the 12th of December 2007.

Again, our nation is at crossroads over the deadlock between Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities; a lot of counsels have been proffered, and others are being articulated by concerned Nigerians; as a social cultural organization, we are constrained to dabble into the murky waters of politics, which is taking its toll on our Education sector, as far as the protracted dispute is concerned. However, since our youths, children and wards are involved, it has become expedient to formally present a noteworthy approach to save our Education from total collapse. We wish to state as follows-

1. Whereas, there exist an unpatriotic slogan (Government work na shoulder dem dey put am) amongst public sector operators which tend to undermine the goals of successive governments that genuinely sought to fix public infrastructures and amenities; it is in the general interests of Nigerians for your distinguished Assembly to urgently enact a law that forbids the appointment of a Minister for Education; Minster for Labor and Productivity, whose children are not schooling in Nigeria or in Public Schools. We are not unmindful of the sentiments that will be peddled to dissuade the House of Representatives from considering this august position of ours (chief of which is that – the post of Minister for Education may become less attractive); insofar, it will make patriotic interest the driving force for such public office. SO BE IT.

2. Whereas, top civil servants makes crucial inputs into the overall curriculum and administration of Universities and Colleges in Nigeria; and that some eminent public posts be listed amongst those whose children MUST be in public schools as a precondition for such appointment or promotion.

3. Whereas the Code of Conduct Bureau is charged with the responsibility of investigating alleged misconduct of public office holders, it has become exigent in the face of glaring threat to the Nigerian public service delivery that Ministers and top civil servants should be held accountable for their failures in policy summersaults like the one being suffered by the Nigerian Universities and Colleges. Mr. Speaker, you may agree with us that when public office holders appreciate that they risk being prosecuted for improper discretion on matters relating to public service, they will not only seat-up, they will be patriotic and courageous to inform the whole World of the truth and the object of their mandate in all matters connected to their duties.

The task of governing a multi-ethnic society like ours is herculean; however, it is sacrosanct to initiate patriotic legislations that will compel public and private sector operators to discharge their duties in the interests of our people. It is justiceable and logically deducible that any minister or top public servant who is in this classification will input desirable strategies that will make our public institutions worthwhile and goal-oriented. In advanced democracies, public institutions reflect the mission and visions of the Government and the Governed. But ours has become moribund and neglected, with grave consequences on the part of the masses and relations of the political class.

Mr. Speaker, we solemnly and conscientiously appeal for your pardon and understanding in the event that we have breached any protocol set out by your distinguished assembly for initiation of national policy or legislative input.

May God bless your reign as the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; May God bless all National Assembly members who are serving the Nation with good heart; and may God bless individuals and groups who are offering patriotic ideas for Nigeria's growth and development.

Aiyamenkhue Edokpolo – President
Dr. David Ekomwenrenren – Director of Publicity and Intelligence

Eseosa Morgan Ewere – Chief Correspondence Officer

For, and on behalf of all members and trustees of Benin National Congress worldwide.