Miss & Mr. Afro-Caribbean UK Scholarship Pageant 2013

By TheNigerianVoice-TNV

Creative Artistic Media Service Ltd (hereafter on will be call C.A.M.S) thank you very much for your support, in helping us shed light on the upcoming Miss & Mr. Afro-Caribbean UK Scholarship Pageant 2013. This amazing event will be held at the Walthamstow Assembly Hall on the 5th October 2013, starting at 6pm.

The MMACUK Scholarship Pageant is the first pageant in the UK, focusing on education. Each winner will win not only gain for themself the benefits of an education, but also gain the profits from the night to support their chosen school in the country that they are representing. The nineteen contestant from fourteen countries (Africa & The Caribbean) have worked extremely hard over the year and will continue working equally hard to highlight these necessary changes that have become a challenge for many in everyday life living in poverty.

We are supported by the High Commissioners and Ambassadors in carrying out our works to bring awareness of the short fall many children in development countries are facing under Article 26 of the Human Rights Act.

In our presents on the 5th October 2013 will be; HRH Princess Duen Adedoyin-Solarin, High Commissioners, Ambassadors, Pauline Long, Julian Hall, Sodje Brothers, Paul Canoville, Justina Mutale, Emmerdale Actor Wil Johnson and many more who are supporting this cause.

We can't express our gratitude and sincerity in words to know that we have successfully won your heart to this cause.

We do hope you will join us on the 5th October 2013 and bring alive these young voices, who's advocating for change not only in their Country but for the world.

We will be issuing press passes on the 10th September 2013 which are limited for this event. If you are interested please send your interest to [email protected]

Once again we at C.A.M.S Ltd and the Miss & Mr. Afro-Caribbean UK Scholarship Pageant Contestants of 2013 "Thank you" for all your support.

Alicia Hixon
2013 International Online Winner (Charitable works)

2012 Beffta nominee
Listed on the 502is International & Inspirational People for 2012

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