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Nwoye, Uba groups engaged in a fight at the convention

By The Citizen
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Loyalists of the Peoples Democratic Party-recognised governorship candidate for the November 16 governorship election in Anambra State, Mr. Tony Nwoye, and that of court-recognised  candidate, Sen. Andy Uba, engaged in a fight at the convention.

The event happened at the stand allotted to the state inside the square.

Few minutes before the arrival of  President Goodluck Jonathan, the Anambra section of the venue was thrown into confusion  when the two groups laying claim to the governorship ticket in the state exchanged blows for about an hour over sitting position.

The shouts and use of abusive words by the loyalists of the two men attracted delegates and journalists to the stand.

Andy Uba had come before the others with his supporters and was seated with the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah. His brother, Chris Uba, was also seated close to him.

There was peace in the stand until the arrival of Nwoye, who came with his group, made up mostly of young men and women.

It was initially difficult for him to find a seat, but when he sighted one, he was told that it was reserved for a guest.

The youths told Andy Uba  that  he  was serving a suspension from the party and that he ought not be at the event.

Andy, who is a serving senator from the state, remained silent, but his brother asserted that  the suspension had been lifted by a court judgment.

His explanation did not appease the already charged youths as the shouting match degenerated into a brawl when one of the youths pushed Chris and people behind him.

Chris however stood his ground and the exchange of punches and blows continued among their supporters.

Sensing danger, security agents attached to Oduah tactically moved the minister out of the scene to ensure that she was not hurt.

Efforts made by the few security men at the stand to stop the fight were resisted as the angry youths insisted that Andy must leave the scene before peace could reign. But Andy remained seated and did not utter a word.

The reinforcement of security men saved the day, while the arrival of Jonathan, who moved round the stands with some governors eventually stopped the feuding groups.

Nwoye was later seen seated beside the Uba brothers though a man sat in-between him and Chris. Punch