Dora Akunyili should resign


When Akunyili was in NAFDAC ,we all gave her the support because she was doing very

well then. Today,Akunyili to me is a shadow of herself. She is not projecting the image of

Nigeria very well as the minister of information. Her attitude reminds me of the film

District 9.District 9 is a film in the US described as openly portraying Nigerians as

scum, as inhuman, as cannibals and even openly using Obasanjo's name as the

cannibal head of the depraved Nigerian community. The film is being voted for a Best

Picture Oscar, along with such films as Avatar and the Hurt Locker. According to critics,

this film has done much to rubbish the image of Nigerians in the US.

The role Akunyili is playing in this Yar Adua ill health issue provokes me to re-

assess myself, who I am and where I am going in this world. Akunyili to me is producing

another district 9 movie. Akunyili seems to forget that she is currently the image maker

of this country. She now sees herself as a social critic

Akunyili as Minister of Information and Communication have not been the success many

expected. Controversies with some subordinates and failure to repaint the negative

perception of Nigerians in the global community have been some of her major

challenges. Nothing exceptional was heard from Mrs. Akunyili until the controversy over

the ill-health of President Umaru Yar'Adua enraptured the polity.

Her memo to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) seeking to empower Dr. Goodluck

Jonathan as Acting President to many people is a way to attract cheap popularity. Now

following reports of the return of President Yar'Adua to the country in the wee hours, the

holier than thou attitude were again stirred in the Information Minister who was

compelled to now inform inquisitive newsmen that a few have turned the ill-health of the

President into a desperate game for political merchandise. Akunyili this time around is

saying that she is fed up with the lies of Yar Adua's aides.She now see Yar Adua's aides

as liars.
Dora Akunyili, thanks for your bold and un-Nigerian principles. Unfortunately, it appears

you are at the wrong place at the right time so to say. You are in the process of

destabilizing the polity. As a core member of the cabinet, you should know how to

manage a lot of information about the presidency in order not to create tension in the

country. Castigating your colleagues with an aim of getting your ego boosted is not the

best for the interest of the nation.
As an official person and most especially in the ministry of information, you are not

expected to be divulging everything that transpires at the highest office of decision

making for the sake of the peace and stability of the nation.

The mere fact that you are still sitting there as a minister is a testament to the fact that

you are not that heroin you are pretending to be. You should have resigned honorably

and separate yourself from the people you see as clowns and liars. In case you do not

realize this, you are the chief image maker of Nigeria but instead of image making you

are image rubbishing Nigeria. My advice to you is to resign for you are losing focus

-By Kenneth Uwadi