Cabinet Dissolution In Taraba State Is Illegal-Femi Falana


Since Governor Dambaba Suntai was brought back to the country on Sunday, August 25, 2013 by a cabal of political mongers in Taraba State he has been held incommunicado by those who have held him hostage. All efforts by the Acting Governor, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, the Director of State Security Service and Commissioner of Police of Taraba State to meet with the Governor have been turned down by his captors because of the fact that he is not in a mental position to recognise anyone. The popular demand of the people of Taraba state that the Governor should address them has also been ignored by the cabal.

Yesterday, a letter was transmitted to the House of Assembly which claimed that the Governor has sice resumed dutiy.mOut of the 24 members of the House only seven believe that the letter has not been forged. Today, the political joke was carried to a ridiculous extent when the state cabinet was purportedly dissolved. The Governor who is alleged to have resumed duty and taken the decision has not been able to report in his office. In the circumstance, the members of the Taraba State Executive Council should remain on their duty posts and insist on an urgent meeting with the Governor with a view to confirming if he actually took the decision to sack them. On its own part the House should refrain from screening the list of commissioners being prepared by the cabal to replace the ‘sacked’ cabinet members.

Before the State is plunged into further political crisis the attention of the captors of the ailing Governor ought to be drawn to Section 1(2) of the Constitution which stipulates that no person or group persons can take over the country or any part of it except in accordance with the provisions of the said Constitution. The Federal Government should direct the security forces to round up the coup plotters who are currently ruling Taraba state by usurping the constitutional powers of the ailing Governor.

Having regard to the experience of Acting President Goodluck Jonathan ( as he then was) under the cabal that illegally ruled the country when the Late President Umar Yaradua was in a state of coma the Federal Government should not hesitate tonensurevthat the Consitution is upheld in Taraba state in the interest of law and order in the country.

Femi Falana SAN.