We Insist Ladoja is Sponsoring Nigerian Alert Newspaper To Discredit Ajimobi’s Government

By Oyo Achievers

Few weeks back the Oyo League of Achievers (OLA) raised an alarm that the desperation of Senator Rashidi Ladoja and his party, Accord Party had reached a peak of desperation. The fact at our disposal has shown that the former Governor has totally hijacked a newspaper called Nigerian Alert to discredit and also destabilise Ajimobi's government.

The newspaper which is owned by one Dr Adeduntan Popoola who contested and lost the 2011 gubernatorial election in Oyo state, we have fact that he is in an unholy alliance with Senator Ladoja to employ every cruel method of lies and deceits to discredit the government of Ajimobi.

An attestation to this are the previous editions of the newspaper in the last couple of months which had cast aspersion on Governor Ajimobi hiding under the cover of editorial and fictitious new stories characterized non-existing sources.

Even when rational individuals both home and abroad are commending the achievements of Ajimobi's government in all facets of human lives; Ladoja, Adeduntan and his newspaper Editor-one Alaba Abdulrazak have found nothing good in this government fueled and propelled by an achiever. That is why they have pulled down the barriers of the newly constructed fly-over bridge at Mokola.

Putting it side by side; Ajimobi is an achiever while Ladoja is a dreamer who will continue to wallow in his unfilled dream because of dearth of knowledge and wisdom that Ajimobi seems to possess in quantum.

Senator Rashidi Ladoja is a man who has lost relevance in the politics of Oyo state and the likes of Adeduntan and others who are doing his biddings are making the biggest mistakes of their lives because they will sink politically together.

Adeduntan should know that once Ladoja finishes using his newspaper; he will stop funding the newspaper and very soon we know that the newspaper will become a thing of the past. That is what happens to any media outfit that allows it platform to be used for political reason.

We at Oyo League of Achievers (OLA) use this medium to call on good people of Oyo state to disregard any new story they read in Nigerian Alert newspaper because they are all calculated attempts by opposition to ruin the government of Ajimobi.

Tayo Buhari
Oyo League of Achievers (OLA)
[email protected]