RCC Commendation letter

By Aiyamenkhue Collins Edokpolo

Corporate social responsibility! Multinational companies urged to emulate Reynolds Construction Company RCC, being a statement of commendation by the Benin Development Union. 19th Aug. 2013.

Based on an indebt study on the activities of multinational companies in Edo State for some time now conducted by our Industrial Relations Committee, with special focus on construction companies operating in Benin communities, it has become expedient to task them to show dispassionate concern to the welfare and minor streets rehabilitation concerns of the inhabitants. This underline our appreciation for the touch of 'human feelings' expressed by the Reynolds Construction Company in the handling of minor repair works around Ofosu/Benin projects sites aimed at enhancing motorability in surrounding communities; auxiliary youth empowerment projects for residents of communities. For the purpose of clarity, considerable remedial works should be effected as palliatives in the cause of major construction projects; for instance, rough asphalts excavated from the dilapidated roads can be properly deployed to extremely bad roads to make them a bit motorable; and conscious efforts should be made in carrying business-minded youths in the communities along by engaging them in minor works; this will no doubt reduce the rising wave of youth restiveness.

It would be recalled that the Union had sometimes ago expressed dismay at the alleged marginalization of the host-community youths in the scheme of things by the RCC, we are satisfied by the turn of events after extensive dialogue and constructive review of the rules of engagement for the youths were resolved. It is in the character of the Union to place every side of developments in analytical perspectives, to the extent that, when an issue is seemingly laced with distrust, we express our profound disdain; and when the tide swings for the better, we openly acknowledge same.

It is sad that most multinationals have compromised the worldwide rules of engagement by recruiting non-indigenes over and above host community indigenes; as well as the substantial allocation of minor contracts to non-indigenes, thereby undermining the hospitality of the host community inhabitants. This prompted Union to set up its Industrial Relations Committee to interface with multinational companies allegedly involved in this grand betrayal, with a view to nipping communal unrest in the bud. As a community based organization (CBO) that network with all Community Development Associations (CDAs) in Edo South senatorial, it is our cardinal duty to weigh into issues that could constitute a grave threat to communities and multinationals; because the symbiotic relationship that holds both sides must be oiled from time to time in order to keep our gainfully employed youths engaged, as well as making the unemployed hopeful of gainful employments in the future. All the oil companies in our land are encouraged by this medium to bring to our notice, any untoward disposition of youths and residents generally within their area of operation that could undermine mutual cooperation. We believe that Government's effort at engendering peace in hitherto restive communities will be greatly complimented by this noble initiative of ours.

We will be deploring social and legal means from time to time in checking companies that neglects their cardinal corporate -social responsibilities to their host communities. We believe that multinationals should enjoy unfettered peace and prosperity, BUT, it should not be at the expense of the host communities. Hence, the need to strike a balance of relations between the companies and communities; and we have been doing this intervention on behalf of our traditional institutions and other stakeholders.

We watch closely.
Okaro' Luggard Edoimioya
Publicity Secretary
Benin Development Union.