Re: Here goes the south-south govs /elders again


It is high time one stopped taking the south-south elders and their governors any serious. The governors had their meeting in Asaba Delta State about two months ago and came up

with signed communiqué insisting that they would pull out of the amnesty deal that the President proposed for the militants if the federal government failed among other things: to withdraw the Petroleum Bill now in the National House of Assembly; to sack the Petroleum Minister; to rescind its plan to relocate the Petroleum University.

Some days earlier, the south-south elders had met in Uyo and had a similar stand. Suddenly, these groups of people made a full u-turn and could not make good their threat. But some Ijaw movements' executives including Mr. Eva of IYC shouted foul. Mr. Eva was on Galaxy TV programme recently raining abuses on them and calling them corruption personified, which of course they are.

Again reading the The Punch of 23/09/09 the same south-south governors met in Asaba a day before the publication threatening to withdraw once more from the amnesty arrangement. Chief Edwin Clark's admirers have been reducing gradually as they now see him as someone who talks from two sides of the month; you hardly could pin-point where he stands nowadays. Both the governors and elders have all again, tongue-in-cheek, say that there is no post-amnesty programme truly on ground, insinuating that October 4 deadline given by federal government to repentant militants to give up their arms is not realizable. Nevertheless, the federal government maintains it is sacrosanct. So who are the south-south governors and/or elders fooling?

Stella Bolokor,
3 Randle Close, VGC-Lagos
[email protected]

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