Cabal profiting from Yar’Adua’s ill health -Akunyili


Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili has taken a swipe at the

members of President Yar'Adua's kitchen cabinet accusing them of feeding fat from the

controversies generated by the unexpected arrival of the President.

“I believe that it is people around him (President Yar'Adua) that were gaining from the

confusion; The cabal wants to continue with their usual statement of 'the president said,'

and you must comply. They want to continue dishing out instructions even when the

president did not say so.” she stated.
The minister noted in an interview over the weekend that the cabal flew the President into

the country at night, under the cover of the darkness simply for selfish reasons.

Akunyili who stated that there was no official notification of the President's return disclosed

that “It was even Al-Jazeera that broke the news, but I didn't hear it because I had slept.

They broke the news that he was leaving Saudi Arabia for Nigeria. They also broke the

news of the arrival. But I heard it on CNN. For the fact that it was not officially announced

that our dear President was coming back and the Acting President was not even aware''.

The minister also explained why she submitted the controversial memo on the

empowerment of the Vice President.
“I didn't notice any vacuum in the first weeks until I started hearing stories of the Vice

President cannot submit documents to National Assembly. In the case of Jos crisis, people

came to ask why he sent soldiers. Things were coming up one after the other. That

statement about why he sent soldiers shocked me to my marrow. I said “so this man

cannot really do much for us”. she explained.

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