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Deportation Debacle: Ezekwesili wants Fani-Kayode Arrested for hate speech…as Kalu's Ikoyi Home is sealed off…

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Former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili has described the strings of statements issued by Ex Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, on the 'deportation' of some igbos to Anambra by the Lagos State Government, as 'hateful and toxic.'

But in a swift reaction, while speaking with, Fani-Kayode dismissed the remarks of Ezekwesili, describing them as a 'disgraceful misrepresentation of the facts'

Meanwhile, there are indications that the Lagos State Government may have sealed off the Ikoyi residence of former Abia State Governor, Orji Uzor Kalu for reasons not unrelated to his attack of the Lagos 'deportation' policy.

Sources hinted that the home of Kalu who is currently in the United States, was sealed off by agents of the state for some undisclosed reasons. But it was learnt that at the time of the action, no one was in the palatial home.

Said the source ' His house in Ikoyi has been sealed by state officials, they have not said why, we know they would have a reason because the house is unoccupied, but the timing is suspicious considering the fact that he just attacked the state for their illegal and unconstitutional 'deportation of citizens'

Ezekwesili who expressed her view on twitter few hours ago, urged relevant security agencies to invite Fani-Kayode saying ' The relevant agency of the FG must take in Femi Fani Kayode and restrain him from making further hateful speeches against the Igbos'

According to her 'FG must stop this stoking of hate-flame for an ethnic group that had once been tragically massacred in an avoidable civil war. Do it NOW!… After d Rwanda genocide that started wt same kind of hateful speeches many countries passed such laws'

The former Due Process Office boss maintained that 'As an individual &his former colleague, I have nothing but empathy & love in my heart to counter his toxic speeches but FG must restrain him'

Ezekwesili, while contending that freedom of speech was not to be confused for freedom to stoke hatred for people of different ethnic, religious or ideological persuasion, insisted that 'The current slippery slope of our country cannot be allowed to worsen with the kind of hateful speeches Fani Kayode has been releasing.'

She added that 'I am yet to be persuaded that Nigeria’s problem is Ethnic. Rather we battle with the curse of a CRASS elite class east-west-north-south.'

1. According to Fani-kayode, who also responded on Twitter 'When supposedly educated people run away from facing the truth they should be called to order. If Oby Ezekwezili wants a fight I am ready. Obi Ezekwezili should learn that we have the right of freedom of expression in Nigeria. She should provide evidence of my “hate” speech'