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Is it homophobia as some have tried to depict it, or is it simply a people's way of dealing with a phenomenon that since time immemorial has for them been against the norm of their society? Surely, "different regions of the world that have evolved distinct cultures are entitled to develop

paradigms based on the perspectives of the regions qualitatively significant human cultures, histories and experiences." In any case, there is a strong belief that the homosexual debate in Africa is driven by 'Western interests, not African interests.' What is "the possibility of Europeans and Americans legalizing polygamous marriages in their countries? It "is as likely as a snowstorm in hell."

New African has captured this debate from angles that are stunning, informative and thought provoking. Uganda for instance has drawn the full wrath of all the Western powers [led by the USA and the UK] that be, and one after another, are threatening to cut aid to Uganda if Uganda passes an

anti-gay bill that seeks to criminalize homosexuality and 'protect the traditional African heterosexual family.' And what do Ugandans think about it? "If our selling of our cotton to America means that we get sodomy in exchange, we don't need that business."

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Reviewed by Swegenyi Kivairo for Humanitas Afrika