Just Health In Anambra State

By Mazi Odera
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At the time Gov. Peter Obi came to Anambra, no single health institution was accredited in Anambra State. Today many of them are.

Besides not being accredited, Amaku was simply a General Hospital. Today, Obi has turned it into a Teaching Hospital, the first and only one in Anambra State.

The attached buildings are the structures Gov. Obi built in the place from the scratch, including vehicles procured for them as well as some on-going projects.

Some of the buildings are House Officers' Quarters, Consultants' Clinics, Lab, Mortuary and Pathology building, Administrative Block, Accident and Emergency building, Male Ward, Female Ward, Pediatrics Ward, General Ward, Hostel, Theater, among others.

The place is also stocked with equipment.
What do you have to say about these structures????

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