Gov Akpabio is after Umana Umana- Akwa Ibom Group alleges

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The political face off  brewing in Akwa Ibom state between Governor  Godswill Akpabio and the former Secretary to the  State Government,  Mr Umana Umana  has assumed a new   dimension as a group ” Akwa Ibom Stakeholders has accused   Governor Akpabio  of an attempt  to destroy the credibility and pedigree of ” a loyal party man and a hardworking citizen of the state ”

The group which met in Uyo yesterday said  that “We are taken aback by  the mumbo – jubo political tactics being played out by our Governor in the case involving him and Mr Umana Umana , his erstwhile able Secretary to the State Government  and a competent servant of the state .

The President of the group , Mr Ekenam Udo who had a chat with alarinkagbaye  said that ” We are not happy with Governor Akpabio  with the way and manner with which he has been dealing with  Umana  just because he suspected him of having or entertaining ambition of contesting for the governor of the state ”
The group called the attention of the Governor ” Governor Akpabio who has a modicum of achievements to show is rather proving to be a failure in handling the  Umana issue  because he has been reacting to mere rumour of his  so called  gubernatorial ambition.”

The group pointed out that ” We are also baffled by the extent to which Governor Akpabio is pushing this matter to by deliberately spreading bad propaganda and falsehood against the person and credibility of  Umana”

The group alleged that Governor Akpabio sponsored a news item  in some newspapers  which alleged that Umana Umana rejected the NNDC job  offer, maintaining that it  was totally untrue , unfounded and a calculated attempt  to paint Umana in bad light

The Akwa Ibom stakeholders said that ” We are ready to do all things humanly possible to show the world the true  state of things in Akwa Ibom concerning  our Governor and a very diligent , good natured and responsible servant of the State , Umana Umana who is being vilified and oppressed by the Governor on trump up cases and mere political rumour brewed by the Governor and his agents “