Funke Akindele's apology after marital saga

By The Rainbow

After rain comes sunshine, as the saying goes/ It looks like Funke Akindele is lifting herself up to live her normal life again  after separating from her husband Kenny Oloyede. And as it is in most cases, in times of soul searching man turns to God. The actress who's returned to social media this week, days after confirming her marriage was over, is moving on to other things, well sort of…

Funke on Saturday posted a picture note on her Instagram page, apparently, a letter to God, apologizing for her complains and thanking him for being alive. Funke has also been interacting with fans on her Instagram, replying messages…

It reads, 'Dear God, I woke up, I am healthy. I am alive. Thank you. I aplogize for all my complaining. I'm truly grateful for all you've done.'

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria FCT Chapter, Mr. Onwurah Agility has come out to support member actress Funke Akindele as she goes through a messy separation from husband Dr Kehinde Oloyede, saying the marriage was never meant to be.

Onwurah said, 'because I am an actor does not mean I have to die in my marriage if it is not working out. We are humans like others, blood runs in our veins like other people.

'Marriage in Nollywood is not different from other marriages. But because we are the mirror of the society, the face of the screen and role models to many, if there is a problem in our marriage, it makes noise more than any other. There are many people in the industry that have been married for many years without separating.

'What happened to Funke (Akindele) is unfortunate but like she said, may be they were not to be husband and wife and she has learnt her lessons. It could have been anybody.

'The theory and stories that actors' marriages don't last are very wrong. I have been married for five years and still counting, likewise so many other actors in the industry,' he said.

Akindele, had while confirming the crash of her marriage, said she had learnt from her mistakes and had no grudge against her former husband.