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nerPostTitle">KILLER WHALES BACK ON SHOW AFTER US TRAINER'S DEATH Written by Prince World News Feb 28, 2010

Killer whales back on show after US trainer's death

SeaWorld holds tribute show after trainer's death
SeaWorld Orlando's killer whale show has reopened, three days after an orca killed one of the trainers.

A SeaWorld spokesman said 2,200 people had watched the new show, in which staff were not allowed in the water.

Seaworld has said this would be the case until a review of Wednesday's incident was finished.

Dawn Brancheau, a 40-year-old veteran trainer, drowned after a 22-foot orca pulled her into the water as horrified spectators looked on.

On Saturday SeaWorld employees wept as a photo montage honouring Ms Brancheau was shown, the Assosiated Press news agency reported.

Russell Thomphsen, who watched the event, told AP: “I just wanted to be here for this show. It's so special.”

Funeral services for Ms Brancheau are to be held on Sunday and Monday in Chicago, with a memorial service to take place later in Orlando, park officials said.

The whale, named Tilikum, is to be kept at the park despite its links to two other deaths.

The company, which also has locations in San Diego and San Antonio, said it was reviewing its procedures for the whales and trainers to interact.