We Have Settled Our Differences, APC Now In Trouble – Tukur

Source: pointblanknews.com
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Following the intervention of President Goodluck Jonathan, the leadership of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its special convention planning committee Monday said they have resolved their differences.

The party leadership under its chairman Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and the chairman of the special convention committee, Prof. Jerry Gana, both said they have agreed to work together to ensure the convention is a success. They also said this should serve as a signal to the merger All Progressive Congress (APC) that they, APC, are in trouble ahead of the 2015 election.

The party and the convention committee had been entangled in an ego tussle resulting in the party leadership pulling the plug on the activities of the convention committee by canceling the August 31 date for the convention and August 24 for the South West Congress. the convention committee had announced the dates.

Accusing the  Gana committee of running a parallel NWC, the friction heightened with Tukur’s refusal to see Gana and his deputy Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, who penultimate week went to visit the chairman at his Wuse 2 residence.

However, the meeting on Monday of both parties, was sequel to a meeting summoned on sunday by President Jonathan.

Pointblanknews, gathered that the truce by the NWC and convention committee was reached after the latter conceded to the leadership of the party  as regards making inputs in the planning process.

It was learnt that the party leadership was given some concessions in the composition of the sub committees of the larger convention committee.

But speaking at the meeting Tukur said “the PDP is working with NWC on issues affecting the conduct of the special  convention. I want you to meet with the PDP family in a bid to make the PDP work. The NWC meets with the special convention to address all issues affecting the conduct of the forthcoming convention have been resolved.

“All party faithful should know that the party is one and we are working together.
The Chairman of the planning committee is saddled with a very big responsibility to make sure that the convention works” he said.

On his part, Prof. Gana said “i like to confirm that we just concluded a very fruitful, a very peaceful meeting with the NWC under the able leadership of our Chairman and all the issues concerning planning and execution of all arrangement towards the special national convention have been fully and properly resolved, therefore we are delighted that the National Chairman will very graciously inaugurate formerly the special convention planning committee on Wednesday and all the subcommittees of this committee also will be publicized so that all the subcommittee under the central planning committee will now set to work effectively.

“We are also delighted that the party has shown that all issues can be resolved. We are please that the PDP has shown to Nigerians that every point in time we do have the means of resolving conflict wherever they will come and to really face the future with determination , with a very clear sense of direction so that Nigerians can be assured that this is one party that can also solve the problems of Federal Republic of Nigeria, because there will always be problems, the important difference is the capacity and the ability to resolve them amicably.

“I do like to take this opportunity to ask my colleagues to kindly join me to appreciate the Chairman and the National Working Committee to have come together and making sure that these matters are resolved so amicably, so peacefully, so wisely.

“I think it is also in order for us together with the National Chairman, the National Working Committee and members of the convention planning committee to express our profound thank to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the leaders of our party for graciously calling a meeting yesterday, which produce this joint meeting today.

“We like to thank the President, the Vice President for all the effort they are making and I will want to assure them that indeed the convention planning committee will work effectively and properly with the NWC to give the party and our party member everywhere a well organized national convention that will now elect the remaining members of the NWC. I think this is very clear indication that the PDP is moving to really organize and be consolidated to face 2015.

“If anybody is thinking that the PDP was in trouble I think they must be thoroughly disappointed, because the PDP will always find solution and we are so delighted such solution is found today, so APC you are in trouble.” He said.