Entertainers, socialites react to suspected bill on phedophilia by legislators

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com

Following the recent news, which somehow got generated by rumormongers over a Bill passed by the legislators on phedophilia, otherwise known as Child-Bride has been condemned on arrival by top Nigerian entertainers and socialites.

These entertainment stakeholders and followers who bared their minds, were actually based on if the National Assembly would be putting such Bill into consideration. To the amazement of all, even the high and mighty in Nigeria responded and spoke against such Bill in an emotional laden voices, thereby describing it as an abomination. Below are excerpts as from the chat they had with Nollywoodgists's Ugochukwu Favour-Mayor:

Terry G: One would say let the law of the land take its course, because of some tribal and religious differences we are experiencing here in the country. I wouldn't like to join issues or to use my own submission to judge the whole thing. And for such bill, if actually the Senate are making move to pass it into law, I think it's a wrong move. Like I said earlier, it might be that my personal opinion is wrong, yet I don't pray for such in this country. It's not good for our children!

Ijeoma Ann Nwafor:Please don't adopt the move for legalized perversion of child brides. You have daughters, sisters, nieces; do it for them.

Ikenna Emma Aniekwe:I'm yet to confirm if actually the Senate are really discussing or passing the bill, for now I think it's a rumour. Anyway, I think it's a noble course of action, just that I fear terribly that it will come to naught due to the crop of insensitive leaders and politicians we have in our part of the world. The lawmakers care less about the wishes of the masses that they claim to represent, but what is even most disheartening and unfortunate about the whole law is the religious sentiments that is underlying it. I cannot understand (perhaps because I am not a member of this religion) how one finds justification for such a perverse practice on the hills of religion or faith. It might not be out of place to conclude of all those Senators who would vote in favour of this under-aged Child-Marriage Law as astute and chronic phedophilias who do not deserve a place in any ideal and civilized political space.

Ken Erics: I don't think such bill is on the floor of the House, but if actually it comes up tomorrow, my comment would still be that it's the most repugnant and terrible policy ever to be made. How could we subject our kids to such horrible ordeal? It is the height of societal malaise! We must all put our voices together and protect our young girls; that's if such bill surfaces.

Marvelous Daddysaro:If such happens, I think it would be the most stupid thing our Senate will be engaging into.

MC Ash: Mayor my brother, it is so unfortunate that our lawbreakers, sorry "makers" would just wake up with laws that are absolutely absurd just to satisfy their selfish desire, and not laws that would bring the change we all have been clamouring for. If I may ask, is that the insecurity or low-education count they should debate on? If actually they are on the process, I think they should have a re-think.

Mimi Orjiekwe: I am so committed to ending child marriage, so to enable our girls fulfill their potentials in life. No matter we are yet to confirm the news, but if actually such is on the line, then I think it's insensitive and should be described as pure child-abuse. I'm happy that treatment to such matters are coming to limelight. If you must know, education is not ejaculation oh!

Opara Olachi Thelma:I wonder why our Senators and Reps would stop at debating on issues bothering Nigerians. Of what gain would the poor masses gain from such bill? How can a man marry a child? Its quiet insensitive because we've left sensitive issues like security, job creation, and national unity and so on, now its child for marriage. Well, I love the fact that some people are putting up voices against it. Even we have crisis going-on in Port Harcourt that they should resolve and bring long-lasting solution to, than such abomination.

Phazehop: It's so terrible seeing how our leaders are going about in the leadership of this country. It's pathetic and uncalled for to legalize teenage marriage. It's actually child labour and child enslavement. We must stand and speak against such move, that's if it would be passed as a bill.

Rushwoq: This is the handwork of the devil. It's an abomination! We shouldn't even discuss such.

Skutch: It's totally unacceptable, and also it's a bad idea.

Yung-Rex: If actually the Senate are planning to implement such bill, then it means our Senate has gone mad again. It's a bad move in a bad direction.